Nusrat Jahan-Nikhil Jain marriage controversy

Nusrat Jahan-Nikhil Jain marriage controversy

Nusrat Jahan and Nikhil Jain Marriage controversy.

Prominent Bengali actress and TMC politician Nusrat Jahan is in the news again for her marriage controversy with Nikhil Jain. Two years back, she did her destination wedding in Turkey, now she called her marriage invalid according to Turkish marriage Law. Further, she added that she was not married ever then there is no question of divorce from Nikhil Jain. However, Nikhil stated that he requested Nusrat to get the marriage registered multiple times but she always avoided all his requests.

Although this is not the first time, the actress turned into controversy for her action. In 2016, she was headlined in the infamous Park Street rape case, where Suzette Jordan was raped at gunpoint in a car. Then the main accused Kader Khan was seeing help from Nusrat Jahan.

Personal Life of Nusrat Jahan:

Nusrat was born in a Muslim family in Kolkata, West Bengal on 9 Jan1990 and her parent’s name is Muhammed Shah Jahan and Sushma Khatun. She won the Miss Kolkata award in 2010 and started her career in fashion and modeling. Also, she made a Tollywood debut in 2011 with the movie Shotru.

19 June 2019, after a major win in the election, Nusrat Jahan married her Boyfriend and Kolkata Businessman Nikhil Jain in a destination wedding in Turkey. Even, both couples organized a grand celebration reception party in Kolkata. Where many prominent personalities, Actors, and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee were invited.

But now, She claimed her marriage invalid because their marriage comes under the Special Marriage Act. According to Nusrat Jahan, they married in Turkey, and seeing the foreign land, as per Turkish Marriage Regulation, their marriage became void. Further, she mentioned that if there is no marriage then there is no step of divorce. And, their marriage was Interfaith Marriage, which requires the Special Marriage Act in India. And it did not happen yet, so, as per Indian law, there were not married, it was just a Live-In relationship.

However, this matter arose when there were reports of Nusrat being pregnant in the media. But as soon as the media took cognizance of this matter from Nikhil Jain, Nikhil shrugged off the news of pregnancy and said that this child is not mine. After that, when Nusrat was asked about this news, Nusrat clearly refused herself a married woman.

And said that both of them were in a relationship, although now they are separated. These things were hidden from the media.

Statements issued by Nushrat Jahan:

Nusrat Jahan, who was in the news about her marriage, also came amid reports of a relationship with West Bengali actor Yash Das Gupta. Yash Das Gupta is also a member of the BJP, although he failed the election last year. Along with it, Nusrat publicized her statements over her marriage controversy.

  • As per Turkish Marriage Regulation and foreign land, their marriage is invalid. As their marriage was Interfaith so it required Special Marriage Act, which they did not register for that. That was no more than a Live-In Relationship.
  • All the expenses of my traveling to any place or business purpose were of mine, and nothing related any anyone.
  • I did not use anyone’s financial help or credit card for my family and my sister’s education or any other expenses.
  • Nikhil Jain used my account for his personal expenses without my concern and illegally accessed it. Also, he was mishandling my funds for his own purpose.
  • My all belongings including cloth, jewelry possessed by him, when I left his home. 

Statement made by Nikhil Jain after Nushrat Jahan?

However, in this response, Nikhil Jain also filed a Civil case against Nusrat Jahan and claimed her marriage valid. He stated that he married Nusrat Jahan because he loved her. Even, when he proposed to her for marriage, she showed her agreement and they did marry in 2019. Even, he added that he asked Nusrat multiple times for marriage registration, but she ignored it every time. And, also he cleared up the allegation made by Nusrat about her belonging and jewelry. 

  • He and Nusrat introduced themself as a married couple in front of relatives and he devoted his all-time to Nusrat. But, when she was offered a movie, then her behavior suddenly got changed and on Nov 5, 2020, she left Nikhil’s flat and shifted to Ballygunge flat. 
  • Even he helped her from her Home loan by his family account by understanding she would return that money. But, she used that returning payment as a victim card. 
  • Even, Nusrat Jahan did not leave any belongings and jewelry at Nikhil’s flat. That was all shifted to her flat when he left his home. 
  • Nikhil Jain is feeling cheated now by Nusrat’s side because she just used him for some reason and also claimed him the culprit. So Nikhil Jain filed a suit in court to dismiss his marriage with Nusrat Jahan on 8 March 2021. 

Also, BJP member Amit Malviya posted a video on his Twitter where Nusrat taking oath by calling her name Nusrat Jahan Ruhi Jain. Which raised a question on her statement, when she understood herself single then why she named herself as Jain in Parliament. 

Nusrat Jahan was always in Controversy over her attire and sometimes for her relationships. After marriage, when Nusrat came to the Parliament wearing vermilion and sari in demand, people were stunned. Along with this, whether Nushrat Jahan dances in Durga Puja or touches the feet of Honble Speaker, everything was getting media coverage. Her pictures were leaked performing Karwachauth Pooja and Durga’s character also shocked the people. So, the fatwa was issued against Nusrat Jahan. However, the truth is that Prashant Kishor has used Nushrat Jahan as a pawn for Hindu voting. But, when Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen posted Nushrat Jahan’s pregnancy on her Facebook post, then this matter caught the limelight. 

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