4 Disappeared Civilization of the world | Lost Civilization

4 Disappeared Civilization of the world | Lost Civilization

Many civilization have mysteriously disappeared in human history and have left a trail behind. Those tell us the purpose of their life, but how their civilizations were destroyed, there is no evidence of this.

These disappeared civilizations were more advanced than their time. Because they had advanced scientific technology and other scientific qualifications. Many of whom ruled the earth for hundreds of years. But after a while, they all got lost somewhere in the time. However, it is a matter to think that how all this rich civilization suddenly disappeared. Where did people with so much advanced technology suddenly disappear and what were the reasons that destroyed the civilization.

All these questions have been forcing us to think. Looks like they just wanted us to know about them. Because of the way those people left their relics, they knew that the people of the future would find them. But to date, no such evidence has been found of their end which can justify their disappeared civilizations.

However, all the scholars give different arguments of their own. Today we will know about some such civilizations which mysteriously disappeared.

Mayan Civilization:

The people of Mayan civilizations were sea warriors. They were one of those civilizations of that time, who had achieved a lot in a very short time.
And while struggling in the early years of its development, got lost somewhere. After all, what happened to these people, no one knows about the Mayan civilization.

Comparing them with the civilizations of Egypt shows how intelligent the people of the Mayan civilization were. The study, art, agriculture, and architecture of Mayan civilization prove them to be more advanced than their contemporary civilization. 

It is estimated that the population of the Mayan civilization had increased considerably. But how the city with such a large population collapsed is a deep mystery. 

An example of advanced technology is seen in the pyramids of the Mayan civilizations. It is said that the people of Mayan civilization had divided the year into 365 days. This civilization had proved itself in the whole world in terms of astronomy and engineering. But no one knows how such an advanced civilization suddenly disappeared. 

Although some people believe that the invasion of Spain led to the end of this civilization. However, the beginning of the end of the Maya civilization had already begun. The end of this civilization happened 900 years BC.  But they left behind the finest examples of architecture.

Easter Island Civilization:

Another example of mysteriously extinct civilizations is the people of the Eastern Deep. These people were skilled in making human-type plateau sculptures. Today these sculptures give a sample of their finest artwork. These giant statues can be seen on the side of the island. Like other ancient civilizations, the people of the Eastern Islands were also well-versed inefficient construction techniques.

This island is still famous for its more than 800 large sculptures. But the more surprising thing is that each of these idols has been made from one plateau. 

At that time people used to build these statues at the mouth of the volcano present on the island. However, even today it remains a question that where did the people who made such advanced idols suddenly go, this is the worst secret of this civilization.

However, according to some people, it is said that these people had shifted elsewhere after using all the resources of this island. 

Clovis Civilization:

The first people to enter the American subcontinent are called Paleo-Indians. The Paleo-Indians were the people of the Clovis civilization. For the first time between 1936 and 1938, their remains were found in North America. From which it was revealed that these people used to live in North-Mid America. 

Although this civilization is a civilization before history, so much information is not available about it. That’s why there are many views about this even today. The people of the Clovis civilizations used weapons made of plateaus. And they used to make their living by hunting.

Research shows that these people lived from 13000 to 12000 thousand years ago. Were they the first persons to come to America or someone who came to America even before them? This remains a very big question.

Apart from this, according to the historian, it is difficult to find anything more about them. Because these people have left behind only weapons made of plateaus. 

Indus Valley Civilization:

It is called Known as Sindhu Ghati Civilization (Sindhu Ghati sabhyata) and Harappa Civilizations. The name of the Harappan civilization is one of the most progressive and advanced civilizations in the history of the world. 

The destruction of this civilization happened in 1700 BC. The Harappan or Indus Valley civilizations used to take place on the banks of the Indus river around 3300 to 1300 BC. The people of these civilizations had mastery in establishing big cities in a planned manner. 

When the rest of the world was learning to make weapons with stones. Then the people of this place were making beautiful roads, rooms, and halls. According to historians and archaeologists, drains made of brick were found here. Which shows how good the drainage system and management were in the people here.  

Some people consider the floods in the Indus river to be the reason for the decline of this civilization. The people here used to wear gold and silver jewelry from making perfume. Even some such evidence of these civilizations has been found, which shows that these people also used to do foreign trade. 

Although these people have inscribed everything about themselves, but no one has been able to understand the script of the Indus Valley till date. 

Some people gave birth to Aryan theory to defame Harappa civilization. Because it has been the most advanced and progressive civilization in history, the evidence of which is still found today. 

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