Amul vs PETA India controversy

Amul vs PETA India controversy

Recently, we noticed controversy between Amul India and PETA India over using Dairy milk products. In which, Peta urged Amul India to use Vegan milk instead of using dairy milk and its products. And also manipulated that Dairy Milk is not healthy for the human body because it is for their calves, not for human consumption.

In that response, Amul India Managing Director R. S. Sodhi response to PETA India for their purpose and share his concern over losing the job of 10 cores farmers. 

Amul India (Anand milk union limited) is an Indian dairy cooperative society, which was founded in 1946 in the state of Gujrat, India. While PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an animal rights organization of America, which situated in Virginia, United state of America. 

Starting of the controversy between Amul and PETA:

This matter started from a tweet of PETA India, where they urged Amul India to use Vegan milk instead of using Dairy milk and their product. After which, this tweet of PETA in India has ever faced many critics and the MD of Amul himself asked some questions to PETA India. 

Amul is giving Daily Vagas to 10 crore farmers in India. If we use Vegan Milk, what will happen to the 10 crore people? Because these people have been associated with our industry for years, and most of the people have neither farms land nor much money for these people to do anything else. 

PETA Indian claims that producing Milk from cattle is animal cruelty on them, and even some farmers use injection and steroids to produce a good amount of Milk quantity. However, this is right only for 1% of cattle breeders, but the rest of them did not use any external chemicals to produce milk.

Can Vegan milk be considered as Milk or water?

Vegan milk is generally Plant-based milk, which is prepared using various plant products like SoyaBean, Coconut, and Rice. Where these products are kept for soaking in water for a long time and then later crushed to make a whiter paste, Which seems like milk. This milk comes in different categories like Soya milk, Rice Milk, Coconut Milk, and Almond milk. 

However, tagging them Milk is right, which makes just by soaking in water? Does it mean people can make Tomato milk and Watermelon milk also at their home?

We can observe many research and articles of the USA published over Vegan milk products because the United State of America produces 80% of SoyaBean. Also, the benefits of this Vegan milk can’t be compared with Dairy milk, because these are the soaking water of plant-based products. Even, Dairy Milk is considered as the complete food, and even its products like Cheese, Curd, Ghee also have various benefits. 

Our Ancient sciences and texts even promoted milk and its products, where wrestlers and other bodybuilders use dairy products to increase their stamina. 

Milk is highly consumed in India in various recipes, which can impact their health and body too. Also, the fact is that everyone can’t afford vegan Milk/ water, especially those who are poor and middle-class families. And, so-called Vegan milk cost will be 300 or more for 1 liter, where many middle and poor-class families will abstain from milk consumption. 

Also, there is no benefit of drinking vegan milk, while we can consume Almond, SoyaBean, coconut, and rice in their pure form. 

Why PETA always attack on Indian culture?

However, PETA’s targeting of Indian culture is not a new thing. PETA has been raising questions from time to time on the beliefs prevailing in India, especially in Hinduism, to run their agenda. Like using leather-free rakhi in Rakshabandham, or playing Holi without color on Holi. Because the colors of Holi can cause harm to animals.

And now using plant-based milk except dairy milk. But, does PETA target only Hindu culture or the rest of the culture too? Rahul does not raise his agenda against any other religion, he only has a problem with Indian traditions.

The largest business of meat runs in the USA, in which billions of animals are killed every year. And PETA itself is an American institution, but don’t spread their propaganda to follow vegan or animal cruelty in America. Even, meat is the only product, which is highly demanded in the world, and even most countries are now non-vegetarian.  But here, PETA keeps targeting only the Vagatarian community of India under some propaganda.

Also, some USA research papers cleverly claim that consuming dairy products can produce Genetics disorders and other viruses in the Body. So that people could start using Vegan Milk and avoid Daily milk. However, the USA’s cows and buffalos come in the category of A1 breed, which is obviously unhealthy and causes many diseases. On the other side, Indian cows and buffalos come under the A2 category, which is super healthy and essential for human life. 

Amid this controversy, Amul also published an advertisement saying that Plant-based Milk products are not Milk Products ( Although it is right). But in that response, PETA’s (Beauty without cruelty) BWC  and Sharan Indian filed a complaint about that advertisement in Council of India stating the claims made in the adversity were false. 

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