Drug abuse and addiction | Drug policy

Drug abuse and addiction | Drug policy

In present times, Drug addiction has become a major problem all over the world, as statistics revealed the indulgence of a large number of people in drug usages. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) submitted its report, which clearly states the increasing number of drug abuse and its addiction. Drugs are injurious to physical health as well as mental health.

Now, Internationally organization has raised their voice over the usages of drugs among people. Recently, Bollywood came into the limelight for consuming drugs and its peddling, which shocked the entire nation.

It became a serious matter as people follow the lifestyles of their superstars, which may clearly impact the young generation of the present time. It also impacted Indian Cinema badly after the sudden demise of Sushant Singh Rajput and its direct connection to drugs. 

Some Information about Drugs:

The main plant of narcotics is Cannabis, which is popular as Marijuana, Weed, Stuf, Maal, Grass. The resin part of Cannabis is known as charas or commonly known as Hashish and Hash. Ganja produced by grinding of cannabis leaves. CBD Oil is manufactured by the seed of cannabis.

The most commonly used narcotics name is opiates, cocaine, amphetamine-type stimulants, and heroin, which commonly used in the Northern and southern parts of India along with the world.

These drugs are also known as Psychotropic drugs which directly impact mental health and may create Biopolar Disorder in the human body. 

However, narcotics and drugs are the mandatory part of the medicine or cosmetics sectors so they have been farmed under the guidance of the government, and Pharma companies have to take permission to use them.

In India, Drug supplies make from the two zones named Golden Crescent and Golden Triangle. Golden Crescent included Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan and Golden Triangle included southeast country. 

In which, Opium trafficked by the Punjab region, Synthetic drug by Punjab and Himachal Pradesh region, Heroine from Jammu and Kashmir, Amritsar, and Rajasthan border. Charas from Manali region, Ganja from Odisha and Jharkhand, Cocaine from Columbia to Africa, and then India. After India, it trafficked into America and Europe.

United Nation Programme on Drug abuse and addiction:

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime published its report mentioning the usages of the drug, peddling and trafficking of it, and manufacturing of it. Along with it, UNODC also defined the macro-dynamics issue, socioeconomic characteristics, and drug use disorders of consuming drugs. At last, they also concluded the drug policy from the international debate.

The United Nations has declared an awareness program for International day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking on 26 June. And The theme of World Drug Day 2020 is “Better Knowledge for Better Care”.

This program was a great initiative for preventing the young generation from the consumption of drugs and halt the trafficking of drug supply from one country to another country.

Drug usages and trafficking in India:

In India, there was no ban on the consumption of narcotics. But, after the over usage of drugs, the government drafted a law.  Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Bill, 1985 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on 23 August 1985 in Delhi under the NDPS Act by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

This clearly indicates that it is illegal for a person to farming, manufacture, cultivate, possess, sell, purchase, transport, store, and/or consume any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance. However, the NDPS law has been amended three times in 1988, 2001, and 2014.

India is also a signatory member of the United Nation over Drug abuse law:

1. Convention on narcotic drugs 1961

2.  Convention on Psychotropic substances 1971.

3.  Convention against illicit traffic in Narcotics drugs and psychotropic substances, 1988.

According to Article 47 of the Constitution of India, India’s responsibility to stop drug consumption in people. Which is responsible in the case of farming of narcotics, possession of illegal drugs, and substances. Repeat offenders may go for imprisonment up to 30 years of the death penalty. In the Punjab cabinet, the government has decided to implement the death penalty for drug peddlers. 

In 1894, Indian appointed the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission, which was the Indo-British study of cannabis usage in India.

The negative aspects of drug addiction may lead to damage to organs such as the heart, brain, and liver. It can cause diseases such as heart disease HIV and cancer as well as the development of mental illness, suicides, permanent changes to hormonal or nervous systems.

International campaign for drug abuse:

In 2016, Donald Trump declared to build a wall on the USA-Mexico border to prevent Drug trafficking and illegal immigrants. However, citizens of the USA protest against Donald Trump’s decision. Philippine’s government started the campaign name War on Drugs to kill those who indulge in consuming or peddling drugs.

In this campaign, over 20,000 people had killed but this concluded no decrement in the consumption of drugs in the Philippines.

Even Saudi Arabia is facing the same issue in its country. But in some countries, there is a contradictory statement regarding the use of Cannabis. Canada considers cannabis as a medicine and doesn’t prohibit it in its country. According to UNODC, narcotics have directly connected to terrorism because it comes from the Golden Crescent zone. 

According to statistics, during the Corona pandemic, the consumption of drugs had increased. As Italy and Niger countries in Central Asia have experienced a sharp decrease in drug seizures. Because drug traffickers always diverted their attention to other illegal activities including cybercrime and trafficking in falsified medicine. 

However, the government has started some programs for awareness and prevention of Drugs among Children and youth.  Apart from it, mass media need to pay attention to the usages of drugs in the world so that we can save our coming generation. 

In today’s world, youth involved in drugs because they consider it to be smart and cool but in the end, they spiled their life. Parents should track the activities of their children from childhood.

However, people also have to think themself that whatever they are doing for fun, can impact their upcoming generation. Whatever we intake, directly connected to our genes. When we understand and focus to make the world better then this can come true. 

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