History and Dark facts about Convent Schools

History and Dark facts about Convent Schools

In today’s age, the increasing conviction of convent school is nothing short of a dream. Today every parent wants to teach their child in a convent school. And the craze of convent school has increased so much that people judge your status from convent school.

Although the entire credit for this new phase goes to the government department, those who did not pay attention to government schools and parents were forced to send their children to convent schools. 

But what is the history of the convent actually? Has anyone ever tried to find out why these convent schools were started? Or why did they have a requirement to start? We all know that convent schools are not a part of Indian tradition. But how did it reach India? Today we will discuss the reality and dark truth of Convent schools and their past.

The history of Convent schools in Europe: 

400 years ago, the practice of convent schools begins in developed countries like Europe. Where there was no practice of raising children. Where children were considered to be a barrier or sin between two people. And those who had children were left unclaimed.

Even the children’s real parents did not raise them, they used to leave those children. At that time these children were reared by any church or any institution. If a church person found that unclaimed child, that child would have survived, otherwise the child would have died. 

400 or 500 years ago in Europe, there was a social practice in which the common citizen did not have the right to marry. And if a common citizen tries to get married then he would be punished.  In Europe, when it was the time of the monarchy, only the royal family had the right to marry.

According to the Royal Family, if ordinary citizens marry, they will have children. If they have children, their family will be formed, if a family is formed then society will be formed.  And with the formation of society, their monarchy may threaten the situation. Therefore, they used to keep ordinary citizens away from forming families to avoid this situation.

Aristotle and European philosopher theory on Families:

Aristotle, who was considered as the great philosopher and polymath during the Classical period of that era, believed that increasing the family for the common people can become a problem for a royal state. Because the family will form society and the hope of becoming powerful from the society can arise, which can become a danger signal for the Raj families. Therefore, the kings there ordered the common people not to marry. 

According to some European philosopher theorists, children are the barrier between male and female relationships, who prevent them from making physical relations and sexual pleasure. Children are not less than a curse, because they overcome people with physical pleasure.

■ At that time, physical relations and sexual pleasure are considered everything in Europe. The civilization of Europe rests only on physical pleasure and affinity. 

Even, according to the scriptures of Europe at that time, the last and important purpose of every human’s life is to establish physical relations. And children become obstructed in this process, so they should be abandoned. That is why the population of abandoned children in Europe had become very much alive.

Even people had the right to make a physical relationship with anyone, there were no boundaries to live with one guy. It was a kind of Prost*tuition. 
Jean-Jacques Rousseau, one of Europe’s modern philosophers, had 5 children, of whom 4 were left unclaimed.

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Where abandoned children kept in Europe?

At that time, everyone abandoned their children, so these children kept in an organization, which known as Convent Schools. That Convent Schools maintained by some people that were known as Father, Mother, Sister, and Brother.  Convent simply means the school or home of unclaimed or abandoned children.

These schools were opened for the upbringing of abandoned children by Royal families. England’s first convent school was opened in 1609 in a church. In these schools, children were physically abused or used for slavery trading. Even Church Pope involved in these heinous crimes.  

Also, in the tradition of Europe, women did not have the right to vote, nor do women have a soul, they were just made for physical pleasure for men. 

Covent Schools introduction in India: 

The first convent school in India was opened in Calcutta in 1842. And today these numbers have changed in large numbers in India. When the British came to India, they also brought the practice of convent school with them, due to which the children had started to become abandoned in India too. And a lot of convent schools were opened in India too, but their system was not really successful. 

■ Thomas Babington Macaulay, a British Historian, and Whig Politician, who promoted Western education to break Indian society. Indian social activist, Rajiv Dixit recovered a letter of Macaulay from the India office library, London.

In which it was written that India can be weakened on the basis of ending its education system. According to Macaulay, if Gurukul is removed from India, India will move towards western civilization itself. 

According to him, the Indian education system was the most advanced education system in the world. Where students followed celibacy for 25 years. In the Gurukul, the Indian Vedas and Upanishads were studied in the Sanskrit language. Therefore, the British Government had made all the ongoing Sanskrit Institutions and Gurukul in India illegal.  And a law was made, called the Indian Education Act, which was implemented in 1858. 

The dark side of Convent Schools in India:

In today’s era, convent schools provide education against the Indian convergence to their students. Also, in these schools, Indian customs and practice has been mocked by their priest. While the family is given greater importance in Indian culture, But in these schools, children are manipulated by showing degrading Indian traditions and forces them to read Bible. 

In addition, Hindu ideas and practices are banned in the convent schools, such as applying tilak and wearing Janeu. Also, children are converted by these Christian missionaries in schools and their parents did not even know about it. 

Apart from this, much such news comes in which rapes are also done in the schools, and those things are also hidden. According to a news report published in the New York Times in 2010, Lawrence C. Murphy sexually abused 230 children in the 90s century. Even then, the Pope of the Convent School did not take any action. 

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