History of Alexander The Great and facts?

History of Alexander The Great and facts?

One of the great kings of the world is always named that is Alexander the Great from the Argead dynasty. His actual name was Alexander III and he was the king of the ancient Greek kingdom of Macedonia. He had conquered almost all the whole Asian provinces.

He had occupied the whole Persian Empire. The most famous battle he fought in his life is the Battle of Hydaspes River with the great Indian warrior and King Porus, where he defeated. He started his journey from Macedonia and then he died on Babylonia after losing in India.

According to historical records, there are many conspiracy theories about Alexander’s life, which we will also study here, however, there is no proof of them.

His Childhood and his early education:

He was the son of Philip II ( king of Macedonia ) and Olympias (daughter of King Neoptolemus of Epirus). He was born on 20 July in 356 BC in Pella in the ancient greek kingdom of Macedonia. However, there is a conspiracy or false theory regarding his birth that when he was born, there was a flash of lightning from the sky and it was predicted that Alexander would become the most powerful king in the world.

Although, when Philip II married Olympias then after marriage he got to know that Olympias was a witch and he started to scare with her. Also, he never considered Alexander his son, because he always used to think that Alexander is the son of King Zeus, the god of greek.

Initially, Alexander was tutored by Leonidas. When he was 10 years old then it is said that he controlled a restless horse, Which was not coming in anyone’s control but Alexander pacified that horse and he named this horse Bucephalus, who died in an Indian Battle. A place in India was named after Alexander’s horse.

Alexander contact with Aristotle:

When Alexander become 13 years old, then his father chose Aristotle as his tutor. Aristotle was a musician, scientist, thinker, politician philosopher and etc. However, Aristotle had asked Alexander to develop his hometown Stageira’s at the donation of the tutor. 

Aristotle took his class in the Temple of Nympha in Mieza. Aristotle had taught him Art, logic religion, and war tactics. Now he had become 16 years old and he wanted glory and fame more than money.

Alexander’s first battle:

Alexander got his first chance to prove himself where he fought two battles, one for annex the Greek and the second to grab Chaeronea. After which he won the entire Greek. In this battle, he defeated a powerful tribe Athenian and Theban.

During this time, the news came that his father Philip II got a second marriage with the world’s most beautiful lady name Cleopatra Eurydice. Alexandre and his mother Olympias was deeply saddened by this marriage. It is said that Philip II did not want Alexander as the king of Macedonia because he was the son of a witch.

Alexander then goes into exile with his mother Olympias. But only then, news came that his father assassinated by the captain of his bodyguards, Pausanias.
According to the news, it is said that Olympias plotted a plan to kill Philip II. After the king’s death, the whole kingdom was in turmoil and everyone want to grab Macedonia after then he got a chance to get the throne.

During that time, Cleopatra gave birth to a baby but Olympias killed her baby after that Cleopatra committed suicide. After which only Alexander left to become King.

His desire to win the world:

Alexander first conquered Thracian and Triballi of Eastern and Southeastern Europe in 335 BC. Now he had conquered the whole of Europe. Now he was ready to win Asia. Alexander had now 48100 soldiers, 6100 cavalries, 38000 crews, and a fleet of 120 ships. With the help of them, he then conquered the Persian Empire. In this battle, he fought with Persian king Darius III near the Granicus River. Darius did not appear in these battles, although he surrendered. Although, Alexander wanted to recruit Darius in his army.

After this war, Alexander moved towards the South and reached  Halicarnassus in Caria. Where Alexander is told to solve the Gordian knot. Then he cut the knot with his sword and won the battle the become the king of Halicarnassus.

After that, In 333BC, he fought The Battle of Issus with Darius III, the king of the Achaemenid Empire. Where Alexander declared himself as the king of Persia. After then, he moved to Egypt but the Egyptian empire surrendered to them. Where, Alexander developed a city name Alexandria, Which is still located there. He had given him the title of Faro of God.

After that, king Darius returned and fought with Alexander in the battle of Gaugamela but Alexander won the battle, and Darius fleed away. After this battle, he was known as King of Babylon, King of Asia, King of four Quarters of the World.
Alender had won his next battle in Iran, where he established a Macedonian colony. And then he married Roxana, Bactrian princess of Bactria, after defeating Darius III.

When Alexander decided to conquer India and fighting with Indian King Porus:

After winning Europe, he started moving towards India, where he wanted to conquer the whole of North India, and met with Ambhi, king of Taxila. And that time Ambhi was the great enemy of the Indian king Porus, whose kingdom was spanned between Hydaspes and Acesines river.

  First, Alexander sent his ambassador to Porus but Porus rejected his proposal. after which, Alexander announced the war. Although it was quite difficult for Alexander to cross the Jhelum River or Hydaspes river. On the other side, Porus had prepared his army for battle.

But, after seeing the Indian army, Alexander got nervous and fleed away.  But according to another theory, However, he had crossed the Hydaspes River, where he faced the Indian archers.

Where epic battle, Battle of Hydespass, had been fought between Alexander and the Indian kind Porus in 326 BC. Where Alexander defeated by King Porus.
Alexander founded two cities on the opposite side of the Hydaspes river, Bucephala, in honor of his house, and another name was Nicaea.

After this battle, his army was exhausted, and during that time Malhi tribe attacked Alexander, where they get injured.

In 324 BC, he reached Susa and he died in the palace of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon in 323 BC.
According to some stories, he died of Malaria.

■ It is said that when Alexander died, the soldiers of his army mock him because earlier people consider him as the messenger of God. But as he lost the battle with Porus and die due to bleeding. People judged him and mock him as a normal person. 

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