History of Egyptian Pyramids & Alien Theory?

History of Egyptian Pyramids & Alien Theory?

Thousands of such things exist in the world which can surprise anyone. And some also existing which have no historical evidence why they were made. One such place name is Egypt. The pyramids of Egypt or Giza’s pyramids as one of those amazing charisma.

Egyptian Pyramids has been formed 4500 years ago in one of the seven wonders of the world. However, the mystery has not been solved yet that why they were created, the reason behind it is not known.  So many conspiracy theories have been evolved regarding these pyramids, some related to science and some related to Alien theory.

Location of Egyptian Pyramids:

There are many pyramids present in the world in the region of Africa, Sudan, Mexico but the most famous of them is the Pyramids of Giza, which is situated in Egypt. Egypt is in the African continent but it is the part of the Arabian world and its language is the Egyptian Arabic language, which is different from the Arabic language. 
According to articles, Egypt has 118 to 130 pyramids till 2008.

Why were these pyramids built?:

However, this is not confirmed yet why these pyramids were built. But different conspiracy theories show that different things exist. In 1880, French materials scientist Joseph Davidovits had proved that the stones, which were used in the making of pyramids, were not made outside the Egyptian region.

Rather the stones were made in wooden molds in the same place. Because it seems practically impossible to carry these stones as they are big in size and also heavy in weight. More than 20 lakh stones have been used in these pyramids and their weight is approximately 20 to 70 kgs.

According to the archeologist, It took more than 20 years to built these pyramids. Also, they argued that it seems impossible to make this structure without using advanced technology. They also proved that Geopolymer stone had been used to make this structure and Limestone, mud, and water was used to make its concrete.

Although Joseph’s theory was not supported by anyone. But later material scientist, Michael Balson performed the experiment and research on Joseph’s theory for five years and proved that Joseph’s theory was right. But, his theory was also refused by Egyptologists and its government.

The perfect alignment of Egyptian Pyramids:

During the time of explaining its alignment, the Orion correlation theory is suggested, although this is also a hypothetical theory.  This theory correlates the position of the stars with the pyramids. Alnitak, Alnilam, Mintaka are the main stars in the Orion belt constellation which makes perfect alignment with the three pyramids at night.
In 1983, Robert Bauval explained this theory when he was working in Saudi Arabia.  Astronauts professor Anthony Farrell revealed that at the time of constructing pyramids, they were not aligned with stars but the time passes and during the changes in earth structure, they are aligned now.

Also, the four dimensions of pyramids also align with four directions, whom scientists also argued that how the ancient human can calculate the perfect direction of the region but again they believe that at that time people must be used the Indian circle method and they also performed this experiment in Egypt.

Do Pyramids relate to Mummies? The invention of electricity:

Earlier, Pyramids were viewed as a mausoleum. Because it was believed that these pyramids had been built for kings and Queens to make their dead bodies mummified. Mummified is a procedure, where some chemical is applied on the dead body and it is wrapped with a bandage to preserve it for years.

But the number of chambers, the scientists have found in the research so far, proved that neither a body nor any mammy had been preserved in these pyramids. But they found the very important information that these pyramids were constructed to use them as an electrical conductor. According to one theory, these pyramids were a powerhouse, not a mausoleum.

Initially, the pyramid’s exterior was made of limestone but due to an Earthquake in 1303, all its stones fell, and later they were used in other works. Also, there are many underground tunnels in pyramids, which have not been explored till date.

Advance technology of Egyptian Civilization:

At that time there was a different definition of science and art. The scientist has found three chambers in one of the pyramids that were made with fineness. Also, ancient Egyptian languages are known as Hieroglyphs, which were carved on stones in the form of pictures and art.

The research done in Iran has proved some of the unresolved secrets that  Human has discovered electricity long ago and Egyptian civilization was so educated at that time as they made pyramids by using Ball and Socket technology. However, the four corners of the pyramids crave the four constellations present in the space.

The statues found in the pyramids contained gold layers, and the gold layer is difficult to do without electrical use.
In these pyramids, Dolomite material is used which works as an electrical conductor on which pressure increases its conductivity.

■ Alien theory related to Pyramids:

According to some researches, some people also suggested the Alien Theory here that these pyramids must have been built with the help of aliens. Although these researchers are just rumors. Media and news channels cover this news because people are very interested in alien theory.

Recent invention on Egyptian Pyramids:

In 1993, another chamber name Queen’s chamber was discovered which is thousands of years old. In 2011, a robot was sent inside the pyramids, which found some surprising pictures like a lantern and electrical items.

Hathor Temple is situated in Egypt, which idol’s shape is exactly with same as the pyramid’s idol.
Some theories expected that ancient kings buried their wealth and treasure in pyramids. But till now, there is no evidence of it.

However, the government of Egypt does not want anyone to know the truth of these pyramids, which can reduce the number of tourists visiting in this region, that is why the Egyptian government does not allow research, So the details analysis has not been performed yet. However, the oldest pyramids of Egypt is The Pyramid of Djoser, which was built in the third dynasty of 26200BC. 

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