History of Israel-Palestine

History of Israel-Palestine

The history of Israel and Palestine started in the late 19th when Britishers released Arabs from Ottoman Empire and had taken them under their control. Subsequently, persecution of jews was started in Europe. Then the spirit of anti-Semitism and Zionism was awakened in Russia and Europe.

After which Jews started migrating towards their originated place. Apart from this, the anti-jews program was started in Russia from 1881 to1884, In which a lot of jews were killed. Also, Hitler killed more than 80 million Jews in Germany in the 2nd century.

Origin of Jews and history of late 19th century:

Jews religion was started around 3000 years ago and it is the second oldest religion after Sanatan Dharma. Before the 19th century, Ottoman Empire was ruling the entire Middle East from the 14th century, and it was started to collapse in the late 19th century. At the same time, the feeling of nationalism in Europe was filled. So, they started to persecute Jews, which lead to a Jewish Movement, that was started by Theodor Herzl.

Here the purpose of the Zionism Movement was to come back to their origin country place, where Jews originated. This movement was in the discussion when the Balfour Declaration was passed in 1917. Shortly thereafter, this proposal was rejected in 1919. But in 1920, after the support of the League of Nations, this movement gained even more strength.

After the end of WW1 Jews started to move in a considerable amount towards Palestine and make a new government there, which is called as British Mandate of Palestine.

After that Jews bought a lot of land in Palestine and at that time their number had gone up to 30%. After a time span, in 1936, the Great Arab British revolt happened, where Jews supported the British. But after that, the Britishers started to impose lots of restrictions on the Jews. Due to which the Jews were against the British Government. But, at that time, the Middle East was not so powerful. So, the Britishers finished their movement soon. 

In World War II, more than 40 million jews were holocaust in France and Germany. After which, the United nation divided Israel and Palestine between Jews and Arab Palestine Muslims in 1947. And Jerusalem was controlled by International Organization, because it was a conflicted area between both religions. 

Formation of Israel and Arabs war:

Finally, On May 14, 1948, Israel was formed. Israel is also known as Israel, Canaan, Al-Sham, Levant, The Promised Land.  However, even after Israel was born, it faced a lot of wars from its neighboring countries. Israel’s Neighboring countries of Arabia like Egypt, Syria. Iraq, Jordan attacked Israel, which is known as the first Arab Israel War.

Because there are Muslim countries all around Israel. But Israel retorted their opponent and extended its boundaries. After this war, Egypt occupied the Gaza stripes, and Jordon occupied West Bank. In this war, around 7 lakh Palestinians fled to the West Bank, Gaza, and Arab countries.

In 1967, Egypt, Jordan Syria attacked Israel, which is known as the 6-days war. Where Israel occupied Golan Heights, Gaza, Sinai Peninsula, West Bank. However, Sinai was returned to Egypt later. And, Egypt became the first country to recognize Israel as a country, also peace was established between Arab and Israel.

Intifada wars on Israel and formation of PLO & HAMAS:

Due to this war, the Palestine Liberation Organization PLO was formed in 1964, which wanted Palestine as an independent country with the help of Illegal and terrorist activities. Subsequently, in 1967, another war ensued, in which Israel defended Egypt, Jordan, and Syria, and occupied West Jerusalem, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and the Golam Heights.

In 1973, Arab countries once again attack Israel, but Israel also wins in this. However, Palestine Liberation Organization was the reason for the 1st Intifada from 1987-93. In which, Palestinians started violence and riots in Israel which lead to forming an organization named HAMAS.  Meanwhile, Israel also attacks Lebanon in order to kill Palestinian Terrorists.

Subsequently, the Oslo Accord Act was enacted in 1993, in which the peace agreement was passed in both countries Israel and Palestine. In which, Palestine also considers Israel as a country, and Palestine’s authority was formed in the West Bank and Gaza Strips.

After some time, PLO leader Yasser Arafat returns to Gaza and in 1994, creates self-rule to support the Palestinian Authority in Jericho Town.

But after some time, the peace process broke down. After that, the 2nd Intifada 2000 -2005 was started. The reason for the start of this violence to visit the Al-Aqsa Mosque of Temple Mount by President Ariel Sharon of that time. After which there are quite a lot of areas, and after which Israel makes the West Bank popular. This led to a lot of protests in Israel, and about 1000 juices and 3200 Palestinian people were killed in it.

After this war, in 2005, Israel removed its force from the Gaza Strips. Hamas became quite powerful after 2006 and won the election. Hamas is today’s time terrorist organization.

When Arafat died in 2004, Abbas became the leader of the PLO. In 2007, the Islamist movement snatches control of the Hamas Gaza Strip from Abbas. After that, Hamas started riots and violence in Israel. Due to this, the Israeli force started a new operation to counter Hamas.

After this, the Hamas and Fatah Reconciliation Accord were signed in 2017. But after this Hamas started to have a lot of attacks in Israel. In which a lot of jews were killed.

Al-Aqsa mosque conflict:

However, Today, the overall conflict is regarding the Al Aqsa mosque, which is a sacred place in three religions. In Christians, Jesus christ crucified here. In Muslims, Muhammed went to Heaven through this Mosque.

But, in the Jewish religion, it is their first and old temple, which was built by King Soloman in 950 BC, when Islam and Christians did not even exist. However, this site is much related to Jewish communities.

We don’t know when this fight will stop between Israel and Palestine, but everyone has the right to offer prayer in their original place. And Al-Aqsa Mosque related to Jewish before 950 BC.

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