History of Taliban | History and origination of Talibans?

History of Taliban | History and origination of Talibans?

Taliban means student in the Pashto language. That is, such students who believe in the ideology of Islamic fundamentalism. The beginning of the Taliban is considered to be in the 1990s when the Soviet Union began to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan. 

Taliban is derived from the word Talib, Talib is the Arabic language, which means curious or student. Today’s Taliban are students of the Hanafi School of Thought.

Due to Islamic ideology in madrasas, people coming out from there are becoming mostly terrorists nowadays.

Masood Azhar, the chief of Mullah Omar and Jaish-e-Muhammad, who founded the terrorist Taliban organization, is also a believer of the Deobandi ideology of Pakistan, Islamabad. In today’s time, most of the Taliban’s terrorists have come out of the Deobandi madrassas of Pakistan.

History of Talibans:

Taliban is a movement of Islamic religion students (Talib) from the Pashtun areas of eastern and southern Afghanistan who are educated in traditional Islamic schools in Pakistan.

Whether Taliban terrorism originated in Pakistan or Afghanistan, the foundation of its ideology was laid 155 years ago. Another place of birth of the Taliban is considered to be Deoband, a town in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. From where the Deobandi movement of the Sunni movement started.

However, at that time its purpose was only to propagate Islam. But due to this movement, terrorist organizations like the Taliban and Al-Keda came to the fore, who gave birth to Wahhabi ideology in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Islam is divided into 2 categories – Sunni and Shia

Where Sunni is divided into further classes:

Hanafi   – Those who follow the ideology of Taliban terrorism.

How Talibans originated by Pakistan, Russia, and America:

In 1919, after World War 1, British liberated Afghanistan. After which Monarchy was established in Afghanistan. In which Mohammed Zahir Shah became the king there and ruled till 1973.  After this, Muhammad Daud Khan conducted a coup in 1973 with the help of PDPA. After this, in 1978, Muhammad Daud Khan was overthrown during the Saur Revolution.

However, at that time Russia was supporting the Communist Party of Afghanistan. The Soviet Union’s army was in Afghanistan from 1979 to 1989. In 1979, a communist government was formed in Afghanistan with the help of the Soviet Union. In this period, the people of the Mujahideen faction were beginning to make a front against the Soviet Union.

However, the work of supporting and training these groups was being done by the US at that time. Because Russia was the most powerful country in the Soviet Union at that time, and Russia and America have always appeared to fight with each other. And at that time a cold war was going on between the two countries.

Along with this, Pakistan, China, Iran and Saudi Arabia had supplied weapons along with financial support to the Mujahideen organization at that time.

This means that America, China,  Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and Russia have played an important role in raising the Taliban.

But in 1989 the Soviets had to leave Afghanistan.

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Starting of Talibans Mujahideen in Afghanistan:

But in the meantime, America started training the fighters of Islamic Mujahideen. In which about 90,000 Afghans were trained. After which the civil war between the Afghan government and the Mujahideen starts from 1989 to 1996.

After which, in a few months more than 15,000 students joined Madrasas and Islamic Schools. On 27 September 1996, the Taliban captured Afghanistan and established the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. This means that the Taliban has captured Agnisthan twice.

But earlier it took 2 years for the Talibans to capture Afghanistan. However, it is a matter to think that this time the Taliban captured the whole of Afghanistan in just 10 days. Because Taliban terrorists are Pashtun boys, who is considered as Violent Murder and Best Fighter in the whole world.

Along with this, 50% of the people living in Afghanistan belong to the Pashtun community, which helped the Talibans to take over Afghanistan. Now, the Taliban has become the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

After the 9/11 attack of the World Trade Center in the USA, America came into its form and started bombing the Talibans and Al Qaeda with Canada, UK, and the Nato alliance. After which the American forces remained in Afghanistan from 2001 to 2021 just to ensure no terrorist attack in the USA. 

Madrasas Contribution in Taliban’s origination:

In the decade of 1990, when the Pashtur movement in Afghanistan was at its peak, the Taliban received a lot of support from Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the Pashtun movement was to send people to Islamic Madrasas and to propagate the fundamentalist beliefs of Sunni Islam. Even at that time, Saudi Arabia used to bear the cost of education for the people in these Madrasas.

Although the Taliban ideology originated in a madrasa in North Pakistan, after which it expanded to Afghanistan. This meant the Pachtur movement had proved to differentiate the Taliban from the Mujahideen factions.

After which the Taliban had promised to implement peace proposals and Sharia law in parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan. And started the struggle to make his terrorist power in the whole country.

Although it is true that due to Islamic ideology in madrasas, people coming out from there are becoming terrorists nowadays, whose biggest example is the Red Mosque of Pakistan.

This red mosque of Islamabad was once completed in the possession of terrorists. And in 2006, from such a mosque, the Taliban had announced the implementation of Sharia law in the whole of Pakistan and rebelled against the government of Pakistan.

By 1996, the Taliban had captured Kabul. After this, the Taliban ruled the Talibans from 1996 to 2001.  Along with this, there were 3 countries in the world at that time, which had recognized the Taliban as a country, Pakistan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia.

Women Oppression and Repression in Taliban Rule:

The community that has suffered the most from Taliban rule to date is the Women’s Society. Although the Taliban wants to establish Sharia law based on verses from the Qur’an and hadith, but these books only hurt women.

1.  Atrocities against women had increased under the rule of the Taliban, in which they prohibited women from working outside or going to school.

2.  Even women had to stop many activities like television, movies, music, dancing, hanging pictures in homes, clapping away sports events.

3.  Even if women are banned from wearing clothes of their choice or becoming hairstyle.

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