How Taliban captured Afghanistan | Collapse of Humanity.

How Taliban captured Afghanistan | Collapse of Humanity.

In today’s time, Afghanistan has come under the control of the Taliban. The last city of Afganistan, Kabul seized by the Taliban on 15 August 2021. The Taliban changed the name of Afghanistan from the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. Whose new president will be Mulla Abdul Ghani Baradar.

As we all know, Afghanistan has been won by the Taliban at this time and all the old officials have run away from Afghanistan. But this increasing step of the Taliban can create a lot of trouble for the coming time. 

Mr. Ghani has posted a statement on social media platform Facebook that The Taliban have won with the Afganistan of their swords and guns, and are now responsible for the honor, property, and self-preservation of their countrymen. 

Why the USA started its operation in Afganistan against Taliban’s terrorism:

However, for this increasing step of the Taliban, the USA is also being held responsible somewhere. Because ever since the USA started withdrawing its troops from Afghanistan. But the Taliban said in response that if America does not take out its troops by 1 May 2021, then they will start attacking American Troops. Taliban, who had been silent for years, suddenly woke up. But here, the USA can’t be blamed completely Because America had entered the Taliban only to stop terrorist activities in their homeland. Not to stop the growing influence of the Taliban in Afghanistan or take away its national development.

When in the year 2020, Trump had a pact between the Taliban and the government of Afghanistan. And warned Afghanistan if they do not cooperate with us, then we will start removing our troops from May 2021. And this process of Troops Withdrawal was going to run till September 2021.

However, after Joe Biden, it was being speculated that he would take some decisions against Trump’s decision. But Joe Biden continued Trump’s policies and took out the USA’s troops from there and appointed Zalmay Khalilzad as the Afghan-American diplomat. Because on 11 September 2001 there was a terrorist attack on USA’s Twin tower. After that attack, the USA also declared war on Afghanistan, which is also called War on Terror. 

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World Trade Center attack or 11 September 2001 in USA:

When terrorist groups and Wahhabi Islamist terrorist group Al-Qaeda attacked the USA’s World Trade center on September 9, 2001. Then America started its operation on Afganistan to demolish this terror group. At that time, Afganistan was supporting the Al-Qaeda group. However, this battle lasted for 20 years, which is also named as Forever War.

However, there was no outcome of this war and the Taliban again became more aggressive as soon as America left. Although, USA has spent its USD 800 billion on this operation and lost more than 2200 American soldiers, but they failed to abolish the Talibani.

That time, when USA president George W. Bush declared war on Afghanistan, which was then ruled by the Talibani terrorist. Mr. Bush said that the Taliban regime had turned down his demand to hand over al-Qaeda leaders, including Osama Bin Laden, who lotted the attacks. America attacked Afghanistan because the leader of Al-Qaeda fled to safe haven in Pakistan as Pakistan is the haven for terrorism.

Pakistan contribution to Taliban and terrorism:

Pakistan was one of the three countries that had recognized the Talibani regime in the 1990s. So the Taliban captured much of the country with help of Pakistan’s ISI. But after the attack of 11 September, Pakistan military dictator Pervez Musharraf cut formal ties with the Talibani and joined Ameican’s war on terror under pressure from the Bush administration. but Pakistan here cheated America and played a double game.
Even in Pakistan, the terrorist Taliban raised money their and recruits people from Pakistan, also planned military strategy, and come back to Afghanistan again. 

Even the US and Nato combat role in Afghanistan actually ended before Donald trump took oath in the USA, with Afgan agreement forces assuming full security responsibility on 1 January 2015.

How the Taliban captured Afganistan:

Although, it is clear that before the intrusion of the USA in Afganistan, the Taliban was also active in Afganistan. But after the intrusion of the USA’s army forces, they got shelter in Pakistan ( a home of terrorism and terror). But the Taliban did not attack parts of Afghanistan all at once, but gradually began subjugating them. Where the army forces of Afghanistan have also been responsible because they all agreed to the Taliban’s conditions rather to fight with the Talibani. 

When the USA’s army was in Afganistan and trained 3.5 Lakh soldiers of Afghanistan but they all failed to combat with Taliban. On the other side, the Taliban have only 2 lakh soldiers.  And, Taliban also seized the many equipped weapon and machinery, which were left by the USA’s forces on Afghanistani soil. 

1.  First, the Taliban captured Herat of Afghanistan. which was ruled by Ismail Khan. But when the USA army entered India then he had to surrender and pleaded for a peaceful agreement.

2.  This was followed by Kandahar, also known as the Heart of Afghanistan and Origine of Talibans, which was handed over to the Taliban. 
3.  After, Jalalabad was captured by the Taliban without firing a shot, where elders of the Jalalabad negotiated with the Talibans and the Taliban finally captured this province. 
4.  Finally, Mazar-i-Sharif, a northern city that once served as a stronghold of anti-Taliban resistance in the 1990s, was also captured by the Taliban. 

Past Speculation of Taliban and Present situation of Taliban:

Where America has so far been engaged in fighting its war against terrorism in Afghanistan for 20 years. Even at that time, the USA’s intelligence community had also warned that if the USA’s troops leave Afghanistan, then it is difficult to have a peace deal between Afghanistan and the Taliban. 

In fact, according to some leaked peace proposal agreement draft, The Biden administration was preparing to replace Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to form a new transitional government. Where half power would be served to the Talibans. 
Apart from this, that Secretary of State Antony Blinken had given a proposal to Ashraf Ghani with “a roadmap to a new” but Ghani rejected it. 

For 20 years in Afghanistan, there was a lot of peace under America’s influence somewhere people got freedom from Sharia law there. But after coming Talibans, Sharia law is again implemented in Afganistan, which is of course is not favorable for Women in Afganistan. Taliban said in an interview that they will not stop women from going to schools under Sharia law.

But in reality, In Herat, where 60% of the students at the university were women they have ordered back to their homes. Because there is no rule of educating women in Islam and female employee have been told to give up their jobs to male relatives.  

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