Indian Astrology: Vedic Astrology and its 12 Moon signs.

Indian Astrology: Vedic Astrology and its 12 Moon signs.

Indian astrology is the most ancient astrology, which is popular as Hindus astrology, Vedic astrology, and Jyotish Shastra, which is prevailing from the Vedic period. The foundation of Vedic Astrology mainly found in  Vedas (scriptures) and the originator of ancient Vedic astrology were Parasara Muni. Parasara was the father of Vyasadeva who compiled the Vedic kinds of literature. According to history, it is believed that celestial sages Parasara learned astrology directly from Lord Brahma and Muni Narada.

The zodiac defines the character of humans. In most people, it is confusional that the sign starting from the name should be considered or the date of the birth.

In worldwide astrology, there are two categories to find human signs. One that Indian astrologers celebrate and which depends on the revolution of the Moon around Earth.  In this, we get our name on the basis of the zodiac, whom we call the Moon sign.

And the second zodiac is Sun Sign, which is considered worldwide and based on Earth’s revolution around the sun. This is based on our date of birth completely.
This means, in case of the Indian astrology, then the Moon sign means that the first letter of your name is correct. And, if you have faith in Western Astrology, then you have to consider the date of birth of human, which falls under the Sun Sign.

How Moon Sign and Sun Sign is defined in Indian Astrology:

Moon makes one round of Earth in 27 days and during this, he crosses all 13 constellations. Constellations are the different groups of stars, and in our astrology, different names have been given on their basis. However, some people don’t consider Astrology as a science because the 13th Sign Ophiocus was abandoned in Moon Sign.

Although there is no clear reason but some expert mentions that to provide equal value to Moon Signs equivalent to 12 months of the year. 
In Sun Sign, Earth makes a round of Sun in 376 days and crossed the 13th constellation of the stars group. Also, the 13th Sign Ophiocus was abandoned in Sun Sign. 

One more thing prevents astrology from becoming real science. Every constellation takes a different time to cross the different constellation. Example 7 days crossing the Scorpius, 5 days crossing the Virgo constellation. 

Types of Astrology:

Astrology is the study of stars, planets, sun, moon, and other cosmic activities, which determine the impact on our life and horoscopy. However, this is still not defined clearly how these activities entertain our life but we know some corner of the world is far away from the reach of Science. 

To study astrology, we deeply study the position of the planet and its relation with stars, moon, and sun. And, we decide our sign according to their position at the time of our birth. 

Nowadays, many types of astrology are popular in the world, which is popular in the world according to their belief. 

1. Indian or Vedic Astrology: 

Indian Astrology is the ancient astrology which is known as Vedic astrology or Hindu astrology.  Vedic astrology is divided into three main subsets: Indian astronomy, Predictive astrology, and Mundane astrology. Indian astrology also helps to reveal our character and future. Vedic astrology depends upon our Vedas and Upnishads. Sometimes, it also helps to predict our horoscope.

In India, childbirth, upcoming event, and marriage are completely based upon Vedic Astrology.  

In Vedic astrology, the moon plays an important role to predict personal characteristics. Moon represents the mind of a person, the Sun represents your soul. We ever correlate the moon with human emotion and feelings, which is an important keyhole for life. 

2. Chinese Astrology:

Chinese astrology is based upon the traditional Chinese method, which came in limelight from Han Dynasty. It consists of 12 animals, which predict the horoscope of the person. Chinese astrology states that the human’s destiny can be determined by the position of the planets, stars, sun, and moon at the time of his birth.

Also, it mentions that the person’s personality, behavior, and potentiality depend upon the position of these systems. 

3. Mayan Astrology:

Mayan astrology totally based upon the Mayan calendar. However, this is also based upon the position of stars, planets, moon, and sun. Also, it is considered the most modern astrology of the present time. The Mayan calendar has twenty-day signs and thirteen Galactic numbers, which makes a 260-day calendar.

12 Moon Sign of Indian astrology:

Moon sign plays an influential aspect at the time of birth, which defines your mental compatibility and characteristics. 

Aries:  People, who belong to the Aries sign mostly have impulsive nature but keen to learn something new.

Taurus: People who belong to the Taurus moon sign are mostly stable because it is the favorite position of the moon.

Gemini: People have a dual mind in nature, they can be introverts or extroverts as well.

Cancer: These people have mother nature in the world, who take care of everyone without any greed or demand. They are mostly inclined to social work.

Leo: These people are born to lead others and make a different path from the crowd. They are always ready to challenge something new in life and are royal-minded people.

Virgo: These people are always practical and not run in emotion.

Libra: These people are balanced-minded and love to make other life perfect and satisfied.

Scorpio: This sign has the one hand distance from the moon, so people of this sign have lots of fluctuation in life and balancing mind.

Saggitarius: People who come under this sign are mostly inclined to Religion and Dharma.  They are active learners.

Capricon: People of this sign are most stable and stick to their goal of life.

Aquarius: People are generally social and communicative, and love to explore new things in life.

Pisces: These people come under spirituality and devoted to God.

Many civilizations like the Indus Valley civilization, Egyptian Civilization clearly defined the position of stars and planets, which makes astrology a more genuine subject connecting to our ancient living. Today’s science always neglects Astrology as a part of Science but some things can’t be explained by Modern Science, but the power of the universe can solve it. 

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