Israel Palestine Conflict

Israel Palestine Conflict

Today Israel Palestine Conflict has once again become a topic of discussion. The violence in both countries has killed many innocent civilians. Although this war, going on in both countries, has not started yet, it is connected historically. In today’s time, because of this ongoing Conflict, a wall has been raised between Jews and Islams in the world.

However, its entire connection is with the Al-Aqsa Mosque, located in Temple Mount, which used to be the first holy temple of Jews. In addition, Arab and Islamic countries have created a sense of anti-Semitism in their countries. However, till now, no Arab countries shown their strong interest in this Conflict, but Turkey has shown its support in favor of Palestine, which is the opposite of Jews people.

Many countries like the USA, Australia, Austria, Hungary, Italy, Columbia, Romania, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, Uruguay, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Nicaragua, Guatemala and etc are thanked by Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu. On the other side, some Muslim countries did not show their interest in this conflict and some seem to interfere with their matter like Turkey, Lebanon, Pakistan, and etc.

Now, we will look at the ongoing conflict of Israel and Palestine, which keeps going on since 1948.

Reason of Palestine Israel Conflict Today:

In 1967, after capturing East Jerusalem, Israel gave proper citizenship to more than 2 lakh Jews people there. But the people of Palestine, who came to Sheikh Jarrah to live there, have not been provided proper citizenship. Sheikh Jarrah is quite closer to Temple Mount, and this area is also controlled by Israel Government.

When, the Israeli authority started to giving eviction notices to Palestine people, which invited riots and violence in Israel. After which, this decision was challenged in the Supreme Court of Israel and the Supreme court hold this decision till now.

Recently, Israel again ordered Palestinian people to evict that place and in that response, violence started all over Israel. After that, Hamas launched more than 3000 rockets to Israel. And, for defending its citizens, Israel also neutralized Hamas weapons and launched its rockets on Gaza. Recently, a building having so many International media houses like Al Jazeera, Associated Press are demolished by Israeli missiles. However, the missile war was started by Hamas, Gaza first.

Reason for Violent in Al-Aqsa Mosque:

The recent crises are related to Temple Mount and Sheikh Jaira located in East Jerusalem. In 1948, when Israel captured Jerusalem after the victory in the 1st Arab-Israel War, then its eastern part had gone to Jordan. After that, the Eastern part was also captured by Israel later. Al-Aqsa Mosque is situated in the Haram-Ul-Sarif of Eastern Jerusalem, which is the reason of conflict today. Al-Aqsa Mosque has been given the most important in three religions i.e. Jews, Christians, and Islam. Although, it historically connected with jews only.

Al-Aqsa mosque, Dome of the Rock, and Holy Wall are situated in the Temple mount of Eastern Mount. And, this temple is really important for Jews people. According to Jews religious book Hebrew Bible, Temple Mount is considered as the first temple in Jews religion. This temple was built by King Soloman in 950 BC, when Christians and Islam did not even exist.

Also according to Islam, Jerusalem was the last place of Prophet Mohammed, which he visited with the help of an animal named Burak. In Islam, Al-Aqsa Mosque is the 3rd holiest place after Mecca and Medina Mosque of Arabia. According to the Israeli-Arab agreement in 1967, a resolution was passed to give control of Al-Aqsa Mosque to Muslims and Temple Mount to Jews. According to this, Muslims used to pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque and Jews used to pray on the Holy Wall.

From here, conflict erupted in Israel, because Al-Aqsa plays an important role in Jews’ tradition and they couldn’t be able to offer prayer in their Temple. However, even after the control of the Muslims in that Mosque, there were occasional incidences in Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Analysis of the Israel Palestine Conflict:

According to reports, when the Israeli authority sent an eviction notice to Palestinian people near Temple Mount then many people started riots and violence in the city. This incident happened in the month of Ramzaan, a religious month of Muslims. For controlling riots, the Israeli government sent their troops, where many police were attacked and injured by Islamists.

After Gaza strips launched its missiles on Israeli citizens and its residential area, but Israel neutralized their missiles with their advanced Iron Dome technology. However, in this response, Isreal launched its missiles on Gaza strips, where massive destroy vindicated including building destruction and terrorist death. Gaza strips is a part of Palestine and also a stronghold of terrorism.

After this massive destruction, Gaza did not even stop, Gaza started to launch its rockets on Isreal and its people. Also, Hamas using its citizens as a shield to protect them. On the other hand, Israel protecting its citizens from Hamas rockets and ensuring their safety. In this ongoing conflict, Lebanon also launched three rockets on Israel, but all three rockets dropped into the Mediterranean Sea.

However, Israel deployed their soldiers and tanks on the border of Palestine. On the other side, Arab countries arranged an urgent meeting for Israeli attacked through their OIC organization.

Recently, we noticed that Hamas built a tunnel named Metro Tunnel to deceive Israel. But Israel retorted Gaza, after that, all Hamas militants hide in that tunnel. After then, Israel attacked that tunnel with its fighter plane.

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