Kabir Das: Life, History and His Teachings?

Kabir Das: Life, History and His Teachings?

Kabir Das has been a well-known face of the Bhakti movement, who told people about the worshipping of only one God. He was born on this birth in the 15th century. He was an Indian Mystic Poet and Saint, whose writings still influence the Bhakti movement a lot. Kabir Panth is a huge religious community that identifies the Kabir as the originator of the Saint Mat sects. The member of the Kabir Panth is known as the Kabir Panthis, who had extended all over the north and central India.

Kabirdas is worshiped in both Hindu and Muslim religions. Even his compositions are found in the holy book of Sikhism, Guru Granth Sahib. Although Sikhism was not originated at the time of Kabir Das’s birth, still people consider him enough.

” He was a very spiritual personality and become a great sadhu at that time. Even he got fame all over the world because of his influential tradition and culture.”

Origin and Birth of Saint Kabir Das:

Kabir Das was born during the ongoing Bhakti movement in India. There is not much information about the birth of Kabir Das Ji, whether he was a Muslim or a Hindu, So there is a difference of opinion among the people. But he was very much infatuated with the Hindu Bhakti leader Ramananda since childhood.

Kabir Das was such a saint, who had done a lot of critiques of the ongoing evils of both Hindu and Muslim religions.  However, these evils in Hinduism came only after Islam in India.

Kabir Das had told the people that the real God is within human beings. The person who walks on the right path, and who considers all the living animals of the earth as his own.

Kabir Das’s date of life and death still has different views but he was born in 1398-1448 and died in 1140-1518.  But still, his expected date is considered to be 1440. He was born in Varanasi in 1440 on the full moon day of Jyestha month. Therefore, his birth anniversary is celebrated on the full moon day of Jyestha month. His parent’s name was Neeru and Neema.

Although, there is also a dispute between scholars regarding his parent’s background. According to some scholars, he was born in a Hindu family, and according to some people, he was born in a Muslim family.

However, in the works of Kabir Das, it does not appear that he ever belonged to a Muslim family. But still, according to some experts, Kabir Das was born in a Hindi family but was brought up by a Muslim family. And, his family was Muslim weaver.

His Educational Journey and meeting with Guru Ramananda:

Kabir Das may have been from a Muslim family, but his heart was towards Hinduism. However, his life changed when he met the devotional poet Swami Ramanand In Kashi, Varanasi. Guru Ramnadana is considered the greatest devotee of Advaita philosophy and Vaishnavism.

There is also a mythology present regarding his meet with Guru Ramananda. It is said that when Kabir Das expressed his desire to learn the Devotion of God from Ramananda. Then Ramananda rejected his offer at first instinct.

But Kabir was so clever since birth so he tried to convince Guru Ramananda. Once, he fell asleep near Ganga Ghat and that time Guru Ramananda used to pray at Ganga early morning. When Guru Ramananda walk down the stairs, then his foot touched Kabir Das.

After seeing his cleverness and desire to learn devotion, Guru Ramananda accepted him as his Disciple.

Controversy over Saint Kabir Das’s death:

At the time of the Bhakti movement, there was a belief among the people that the person who dies in Varanasi will attain heaven. And the person who dies in Magahar will go to hell. But Kabir wanted to end the confusion of ten people, so he had fixed the place of his death as Magahar.

According to Kabir Das, the going to heaven or hell of any person is not proved by birth, rather it depends on his karma.

Although there is no concept of attainment of heaven or hell in Hinduism, rather it emphasizes on doing Karma.  As there has been a lot of controversy over the existence of Kabir Das, then even after the death of Kabir Das, there was a lot of controversy over his dead body. 

Because at that time both Hindus and Muslims wanted to perform the funeral according to their own customs and traditions.

It is said that as soon as people removed the sheet from the top of his dead body, people got flowers there.  After which people had distributed those flowers and cremated them according to their own customs and traditions. 

■ There is a much prevailing statement said by Kabir das, ” I am neither Hindu nor I am Muslim. I am both. I’m all and nothing. I am a part of God. There is no Hindu Muslim here. 

His Teachings and Compositions:

Kabir Das wrote many compositions, which are taught even today. The names of his famous compositions are Bijak, Kabir Granthavali, Anurag Sagar, Sakhi Granth, etc. Out of which Bijak is said to be very important.

According to him, the heart of the one with goodness includes all the prosperity of the whole world. A person with mercy has strength forgiveness has real existence of him and an individual with righteousness can easily attain the never-ending life. He taught the genuine lessen of Humanity, morality, and spirituality.

He had promoted 3 types of life teaching namely Sada, Chit, and Anand.

1.  Sada means understanding the universe.

2.  Chit means introspection Yourself.

3.   Anand means Meditate and understanding the mechanism of the universe.

He was also a promoter of Ahimsa and has turned the people of mind of his period through his revolutionary preach and teachings.

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