Kargil War | Operation Vijay, Safed Sagar and Talwar?

Kargil War | Operation Vijay, Safed Sagar and Talwar?

The Kargil War took place in Kargil on the Line of Control border of the Northern part of Jammu and Kashmir in June 1999. Due to the existence of this war in the Kargil region, it was named Kargil War. Apart from this, the Indian Army named it as Operation Vijay Diwas, the Indian Airforce named it Operation Safed Sagar and the Indian Navy named it Operation Talwar. 

The northern areas of Jammu and Kashmir were divided by LoC in the 1947-48 war. In February 1999, PM Indian Prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee visited Lahore Pakistan. And a governance treaty of bilateral agreement named Lahore declaration has been signed between India Pakistan on 21 February 1999. 

The main points of the Lahore declaration:

After the successful testing of the nuclear bomb in 1988, both countries were nuclear-rich countries. And the war between India and Pakistan should not be converted into a nuclear war, so this bilateral agreement was signed.  Although Atal Bihari Vajpayee went from Delhi to Lahore by bus on 21st 1999 before the war broke out.

However, this treaty was related to the bilateral relationship of India and Pakistan, which also included the issue of Kashmir.
1.   Avoid Nuclear arms race and accidental operation use of Nuclear weapons.

2.  Avoid non-conventional and conventional conflicts.

3.  Solve all disputes including Jammu and Kashmir.

4.  Confidence Building Measures (CBM).

What was the reason for Kargil War:

In 1999, Pakistan captured Indian Posts as well as Line of Control (LoC) with the help of the Pakistan Army, Mujahideen, and tribal fighters in the month of February and May. Although, during the winter season, both country’s armies used to vacate their individual post due to harsh weather. But that time, Pakistan made an excuse to vacate its posts and captured the Indian army posts as they left it. 

After this, General Pervez Musharraf had prepared the Operation Badra plan, in which the Pakistani army was to enter Kargil by capturing the Indian posts.

The posts that Pakistan occupied meant a lot to India. Because of the high altitude of that place, it was easy to track Indian Highways. So, capturing that post by Pakistan could have hurt India at some point. Because through that area Pakistan could establish its reach on the NH1D highway, which connects Srinagar to Leh.

Here the goal of Pakistan was to break the link between Kashmir and Ladakh by capturing that highway.  Due to which the supply route will be stopped in Siachin Glacier and India will be forced to negotiate the Kashmir issue.

Operation Vijay or Safed Sagar of India:

Pakistan had carried out attacks in four areas of Kargil, which included Mushkoh, Drass, Kaksar, and Batalik. Here, Batalik was attacked for the disruption of Siachen. This fight was not visible in favor of India in the beginning. Because, in this attack, Pakistan had blasted the Ammunition area of ​​India, in which India had a loss of 127 crores.

After that, India involved in using its Operation Vijay against Pakistan on 19 May. After this army Operation, the Indian Navy also started its Safed Sagar Operation to fight Pakistan. In this war, along with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Gorkha regiments, Rajput soldiers were fighting on behalf of India.

In this operation that lasted for a long time, the Indian Army quickly conquered the Indian posts captured by Pakistan. And on July 4, the Indian occupied Tiger Hill, Tololing as well as quite a lot of space. 

The contribution of this Operation Captain Vikram Batra of the Indian Army was very important. When the Indian army captured its posts from Pakistan in Tiger Hill, then he gave a slogan – Dil Mange More. And, this slogan is still in use in his memory. 

By July, Pakistan was defeating this war, after which the Prime Minister of Pakistan had appealed to the USA for help. But USA  President Bill Clinton pressurized Pakistan’s Prime minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif and ordered him to pull out of troops on 4th July. 

Israel helped India during the Kargil war:

In this war, India had requested America for their Global Positioning System (GPS), but America refused to help. So, India installed its own GPS system name IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System). After then, in this war, Isreal really supported India by supplying ordnance and ornaments like UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles). Also, the biggest contribution in this war was the Bofors fighter plane, which destroyed the Pakistani posts from a long distance. 

Also, the Naval system of India from western and Sothern surrounded the Pakistan Naval army and attacked them. 

Finally, on 27 July, India took back Kargil from Pakistan. So this day is remembered as Kargil Diwas, Vijay Diwas, and Tiger Hill celebration day. 

Many soldiers had sacrificed their lives in this war, which is still remembered today. In whose memory the flame is always burning at the Indian Gate of Delhi even today. Manoj Kumar Pandey, Vikram Batra, Yogender Singh Yadav, and Sanjay Kumar, are the names, honored with the Paramveer Chakra award.

Consequences of Kargil War:

This was the first such war in the world that was fought at such a high altitude. Although after this battle, many countries considered Pakistan as the aggressor, and for the first time, Americans favored India. But after India won this battle, Pakistan has always refused to attribute the Kargil War to their army.

And they linked the cause of this war only with the Taliban and some terrorist organizations. 

Also, after this war, Atal Bihari lead NDA won 303 seats in the 13th Lok Sabha election in October 1999. On the other side, General Parvez Musharraf staged a coup d’etat against Prime Minister Namaz Sharif on 12 October 1999.  

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