Kashmiri Pandit Exodus 1990 | Kashmiri Hindu | Night of Terror

Kashmiri Pandit Exodus 1990 | Kashmiri Hindu | Night of Terror

Kashmiri Pandit Exodus, a Hindu minority living in the region of Kashmir were forced to leave their home from early 19 January 1990 onwards, due to threats from Islamic radicals and militants. In Kashmir, at that time the majority of the population used to belong to the Muslim community, and the rest were from the Hindu community.

Most of the people in the Hindu community were also Pandits. But in 1990, due to the rise of Islamic atrocities, Kashmiri Pandits had to leave Kashmir overnight and flee from there.

The night of 9th January 1990 is called Night of Terror by Kashmiri Pandits.

Their Overnight exodus came as a humanitarian tragedy as lakhs of pandits lost their homes, jobs, land forced to live kile refugees in their own country without proper housing and other facilities.

However, it is a myth that Kashmiri Pandits left Kashmir overnight. But the truth is, the extermination of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir was started long ago by Islamists, in which slowly Kashmiri Pandits were being driven away. And today these people have become internally displaced people (IDP) in their own country. A

lthough many people have settled today, yet thousands of people are still living without any comfort and facilities.

History of Kashmiri Pandit Exodus and Role of Sheikh Abdullah:

Sheikh Abdullah was politically the first person to promote the politics of discrimination against the Pandits in Kashmir. Because he did not want to lose control of the state from his hands. Apart from this, he had imposed a lot of restrictions on Kashmiri Pandits.

After that Sheikh Abdullah dies in 1982, after which his son Farooq Abdullah becomes the leader of the National Conference party. After which Farooq Abdullah wins in 1983 in Jammu and Kashmir elections.

At that time Indira Gandhi’s government was at the center and Farooq Abdullah’s in Jammu and Kashmir. And Indira Gandhi did not support Farooq Abdullah’s government.  So he carried out a coup together with some members of the National Conference party and Ghulam Mohammad Shah, brother-in-law of Farooq Abdullah.

After that, during Mohammad Shah’s tenure, Islamists had become a trend in Kashmir, and the attacks on Kashmiri Pandits had increased. And during all these incidents a lot of Kashmir Hindus were killed and many temples and properties were damaged.

After which, Rajiv Gandhi supported Farooq Abdullah and Mufti Mohammad Sayeed by removing Shah’s government.

In 1986, Governor’s Rule is imposed in Kashmir and the command of the state is withdrawn from Shah. After the Farooq-Rajiv accord was signed in 1986, and Farooq Abdullah was reappointed Chief Minister.  In March 1987, Congress and the National conference fought jointly election and on the other side was Muslim United Front (MUF).

There were people in MUF, who were not with the decisions of the Center and the Government of Jammu and Kashmir. However, Congress and the National conference won this election.


Islamic bigot and Anti-Hindu spreading in Kashmir: 

Islam was growing rapidly in Kashmir in the 1980s. And Hindu Pandits were being beaten up, Because of which Kashmir was emerging as a radical Islamic state. At the same time, Islamic terrorism was also increasing a lot in the whole world, in which Pakistan was playing an important role.

As a result, anti-India slogans and anti-Hindu sentiments started rising in Kashmir. Simultaneously, the Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) Organization was formed in Kashmir, which wanted to see Kashmir as a separate country. And another organization was Jammat-e-Islami, which wanted to stay with Pakistan.

After this came the time of 1987, in which the MUF party was defeated. After which violence against Hindus in Kashmir had increased significantly. Even those who used to raise pro-Indian slogans were killed. In all this, Kashmiri Pandits were especially targeted.

Pakistan and Benazir Bhutto role behind the scenes Kashmir Pandit Exodus:

Benazir Bhutto, the Prime Minister of Pakistan had also once promoted and supported Jihad in the Kashmir Valley.  And she also supported Kashmiris in fighting against Indians. Even Pakistan’s terrorist group Isis had also done the work of supplying weapons to Kashmir Militants. And the training of all these terrorist activities was given in Madrasas.

When Hinduphobia arose in Kashmir valley, it caused to death many prominent faces like:
1.  Pandit Tika Lal Taploo, leader of BJP

2.  Pandit Nilkath Ganjoo, a retired judge

3.  Lawyer Prem Nath Bhat was shot dead

After that, as soon as VP Singh’s government was formed in 1989, Mufti Muhad Sayeed offered Jagmohan to become the governor of J&K. Although, Farooq Abdullah opposed Jagmohan Malhotra.

The terror night for Kashmiri Hindu or Kashmiri Pandit through Muslims and mosque:

A notice was presented in the Local Urdu Newspaper by Hizb-ul-Mujahideen on 4 January 1990. In which, Kashmiri Pandits were categorically asked to leave Kashmir. As soon as this news was published, Kashmiri terrorists started marching with A-47 and started threatening the Pandits to leave Kashmir.

At that time Pandits were being killed by announcing their particle names and they were being forced to leave Kashmir. Even violence and bombing had started to scare them.

Most importantly, hate speeches or radical speeches against Kashmiri Pandits started from the mosque of Kashmir.

The night of 9th January 1990 is called Night of Terror by Kashmiri Pandits. Because on such a night, provocative and life-threatening slogans for Kashmiri Pandits started coming from the Mosque of the entire Kashmir Valley.

At that time, all mosques of the Kashmir region announced the same life-threatening slogans for Kashmiri Pandits.

Most of all, those who drove and killed Kashmiri Pandits were neighbors and knowledgeable of Kashmiri Pandits. Along with all these incidents, Kashmiri Pandits were being intimidated by raising slogans of Pakistan Zindabad and Islam Zindabad.

On the same night, Kashmiri Pandits left the Kashmir Valley in lakhs. And by January 20, they had all settled in other cities with their belongings. This cycle continued till March-April, in which many Pandits were also killed. In this incident, many women were kidnapped and they were also raped and murdered by Kashmiri Muslims.  Overall, From 1991-2004, lakhs of Pandits were killed.

At that time, such was the condition of Kashmiri that Muslims had selectively killed the families of Kashmiri Pandits.

According to the Kashmiri Pandit Sangharsh Samiti (KPSS), more than 75 thousand families fled in January 1990 and more than 70,000 fled between 1990 – 1992.  Now, there are only 800 families in Kashmir Valley.

After the Kashmiri Pandit exodus, they mostly fled to the Jammu region and other states of India. And, their property and belongings were usurped by the Kashmiri Muslims.

This day is also remembered as Holocaust Day of Kashmiri Pandits.

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