Nalanda University – Indian Oldest University.

Nalanda University – Indian Oldest University.

Nalanda University introduction:

The History of India has been very proud, here was done exploring education from there to science. One of these was the name of Nalanda University. It was once Asia’s largest university. It was definitely counted among the best universities in the world. This university has everything from the hostel facility to the library. And, people used to come here from far away to get an education. It was located over an area of 95km in Magadha and it was the biggest Buddist center of learning from 427 to 1197 CE.
Although the oldest university of India was Takshila University, which is now in Pakistan.

However, it has been burnt by a Muslim invader name Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193 in revenge of Indians having more knowledge than his doctors and he had burnt approx 90 lakh books in the library of this university. 

The Origin of the Nalanda University:

The meaning of Nalanda is lotus and giving which means knowledge giver. It was situated in the most powerful province of India, in Bihar, which was known as Magadha in ancient times. Magadha was the center of attraction at that time that even every powerful dynasty in India like the Chauhan dynasty, the Haryanka dynasty, the Maurya dynasty, and the Guptas ruled over it and made it capital.  At the time of Chandragupta Maurya, Pataliputra in Magadh was the capital of India.

According to historical evidence, Nalanda University was established during the reign of Gupta emperor Kumar Gupta in the 5th and 6th centuries. However, the biggest devotee of this university was Harshavardhana, who was from the Vardhana dynasty and king of Kannauj.

Education Policy of this University:

Vedas, Literature, Grammer, Astrology, Geography, Astronomy, Science, Law, Politics, Economics, Architecture and etc were studied in this university. People from japan Parsia, Tibet, Iran, Indonesia, China, Mangol, etc used to come here to study at this university. This university was so good that a lot of tests had to be given to enter it. Also, the Library of this university was multi-stored which had Hinduism Old text Like Ramayana and Bhagwat Geeta and many other ancient texts and Puranas.
In this university, Buddism was vastly promoted, and mostly the teachers and the monks in this university were Buddhist.

Demolition of this University:

According to history, this university had been demolished by three times and reconstructed by two times. The biggest dynasty after Mauryan was Guptas, and Kumar Gupta built this university. The first time It was demolished by Huns during the reign of Skandagupta (455–467 AD). But Skand Gupta restored it and made it even bigger from earlier.

The second time, it was demolished by the Gaudas. in the early 7th century. But It was then again restored by the Vardhana dynasty king Harshavardhana.
But the third time, it was the most destructive attack was happened at this university, which was done by a Muslim Intruder and Turkish leader Bakhtiyar Khilji in 1193.

Why Bakhtiyar Khilji demolished the Nalanda University:

It is believed that once Bakhtiyar Khilji fallen sick and he was about to die. All the doctors of his court tried to cure him but failed. Then someone advised him to call Rahul Sri Bhadra, the principal of Nalanda University for curing him. But Bakhtiyar Khilji was so obsessed with his Islamic religion and refused to get cured by a person who is outside of his religion.

But his health was getting very worst then he left with no other option and decided to invite Rahul Sri Bhadra in his court.
Khilji put a condition in front of Sri Bhadra not to use any medicines and follow remedies related to other religions.

After analyzing this situation, Sri Bhadra offered him a Quran and asked him to read it daily. After some time, Khilji was get cured and everyone in his court was surprised. When he asked Sri Bhadra about then he replied that he put a remedy on his book page, whenever he turned the page of his book by touching his thumb from his tongue, then remedy do its work.

After this, Khilji got upset by the fact that Indian scholars and teachers have more knowledge than his doctors in his court. At that time, he decided to destroy the roots of the knowledge center that is Nalanda University, with whom our ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and texts also burned.

He also set fire to the great library of the Nalanda university that was kept burning for three months and approximately 90 lakh manuscripts were totally burnt.
Along with this, Turkish invaders also killed monks and scholars in the university to erase the knowledge. However, Khilji was killed by some villagers in Bihar after then.

The Library of Nalanda University:

Its library name was Dharmaganja, which was further divided into three multi-stored buildings.

  The first-floor name was Ratnasagara
  The second-floor name was Ratnodadhi
  The third floor’s name was Ratnaranjaka.

Among them, Ratnodadhi was the largest library.
This University also gave some well-known scholars and scientists like Aryabhata, Nagarjuna, and many others to this world.

Xuanzang or Hiuen Tsang’s connection with Nalanda University:

According to resources, Hiuen Tsang visited India in the 7th century. He was also a great scholar of Buddhism. When Harshavardhana came to know about his arrival in India, he invited him to his kingdom, where Hiuen spent almost 2 years at Nalanda University and gained a lot of knowledge  He also mentioned the scary incidents of Nalanda University in his book.

Modern Nalanda University:

In 1951, the Nava Nalanda University was again established by Bihar Government on the suggestion of our former President Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Although, it is built away from the original structure. But it is announced as a university in 2006.
At this time, only art subjects are being taught here but the government is in a full trial to flourish it like ancient universities and preparing to introduce new courses here.
This university is funded by the governments of China, Singapore, Australia, and many other countries.

We may reestablish a new Nalanda University but the actual texts of Old Bharat can’t be revived again, which used to be a major property of the world. 

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