Name of Char Dham of Uttarakhand

Name of Char Dham of Uttarakhand

Char Dham yatra of Uttarakhand also plays an important role among pilgrims, as Char Dham of India plays. The state of Uttarakhand, situated in the lap of the Himalayas, whose divine beliefs and natural concentrates are not only recognized in India but around the world. The Himalayas, situated on the Skandh mountain of India, is also called the crown of India, and also considered to be the heaven of the earth. 

The sages and priests have made the particle here so revered by their penance that the devotees from abroad are drawn here. In the middle of the snow-bound natural chain, there are many pilgrimages and many pilgrimage grounds for devotion to countless devotees all over the world.

One of them is Haridwar, which is visited before the Char Dham Yatra, and popular as Ganga Dham. Hardwar means the door to meet God. Or you can say the door to devotion, knowledge, and liberation. This place is also known as the Arya place. Aarti of Ganga Maa is also done here in the daily and evening hours. All the devotees calmly wait for the Aarti and it starts with the songs of Ganga Maa. 

Kusha Vrat Ghat is also near Har Ki Pauri, which is also known as Kusha Ghat. Despite being such a river in India, the river Ganga would be a holy act. It is a belief that by doing Shraddh karma on the banks of the Ganges, Lord Sun becomes witness to these deeds. The temple of Maa Mansa Devi is situated near Har Ki Pauri. The divine vision of this Temple can be seen from Har Ki Pauri. 

Gayatri Tirtha Shanti Kunj:  This place on the way from Haridwar to Rishikesh, is especially worth visiting.

Now let’s go to the infinite vision of Yatra of Char Dham of Uttarakhand. For which there are 2 routes. One soul leaves from Rishikesh and the other one leaves from Dehradun. The route going from Rishikesh is very inaccessible. In contrast, the routes from Dehradun are easy.

The Journey of Yamunotri Yatra:

As far as the journey begins, there is a grand temple of Shri Prakaswar Mahadev, some distance away on Mussoorie road. Where devotees get enchanted by Bholenath’s Jai Jai Kar. Devotees come to Mussoorie, the queen of the mountains, assessing the natural beauty. The Laal Tibba is the highest point in Mussoorie. Here the bird’s eye view of Doon Ghati becomes unarguable. After this, the devotees pass through the Kemati fall and Daamta on the route of Yamunotri. 

After which, from Kedarkantha to Jai Shree Mahasudev, Badakot, Hanuman Chatt is here. Hanuman Chhat is the last place of Yamunotri. After this, devotees reach Yamunotri. Here, devotees can not live without being surprised by seeing the cool stream of the Yamuna and the natural hot stream of it.

According to the scriptures, Mother Yamuna is the daughter of the Sun God, also known as Kalindi. This Dham has an unbreakable relationship with Bhaiya Dooj celebrated in India as mother Yamuna is the sister of Shani and Yama. In this Dham, Mother Yamuna has hot water Rock. And that rock has 3 pools of water like Surya Kund, Draupadi Kund, and Gauri Kund. 

Devotees take a bath in Gauri Kund. Yamunotri Dham Situated at the originating place of Yamuna River. The river Yamuna originates from the Kalindi mountain ranges. 

The Journey of Gangotri Yatra:

Gangotri is 250 meters away from Yamunotri. Its journey begins with the Dharasu Band, where devotees first reach Uttar Kashi.  The mention of this city is found in the Puranas and Kedarkhand in the name of Barahat. After this, there is the ancient Kashi Vishwanath temple, which was built in around the 5 to 6 centuries.

After this, devotees pass from Rudra Prayag. This is the last market for travelers going to Kedarnath. After this, devotees come to the Gangotri temple, whose height is 10,000 feet above sea level.

Mother Ganga is the daughter of the Himalayas. According to the Puranas, King Bhaghirath had forced mother Ganga to come to earth by performing intense penance for their ancestors to get them free from sin. Therefore, this holy river is also known as the Bhagirathi river.

Inauguration of Gaumukh Yatra — Gomukh Dham is 8 km far away from Gangotri place. Where the origin of Mother Ganga is located.

The Journey of Kedarnath Yatra: 

This journey starts from Darashu, where we walk towards Sri Nagar. Situated on the banks of Alaknanda, this place is very charming. After this devotees reach Rudra Prayag. Where there is a confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers. There are five pilgrimages to Alaknanda, Dev Prayag, Rudra Prayag, Karn Prayah, Vishnu Prayag, and Keshav Prayag. 

After this, devotees come to Gupt Kashi after Lord Omkareshwar Darsan. At last, Gauri Kund is the last bus to go to Kedarnath. Now Lord Kedarnath can be seen, which is considered to be a Pandava period. It is believed that here Lord Shiva resides in every particle. After this, the devotees also visit the Shri Lakshman Temple in Hemkund.

The doors of Kedarnath Dham open for pilgrims only for six months in April or May and get closed in the winter season because of heavy snowfall and sometimes natural disasters. 

The Journey of Badrinath Yatra:

From here, devotees come to Pandukeshwar from Badrinath via Vishnu Prayag. There is a temple of Dhyanbadri here. There is a temple of Lord Hanuman Chatti. And after, we come to Lord Vishnu’s very holy temple Badrinath. Among the four Dhams of India, Dwarka, Jagganath, Rameshwar, and Badrinath, Badrinath was given the highest importance. This place is also known by the name Baikunthadham. 

According to the Puranas, when Lord Vishnu was in his penance. So Goddess Lakshmi had helped Lord Vishnu in his penance by becoming a Badri. So Lord Vishnu said Goddess Lakshmi that your name will be remembered before my name. And the name of this shrine was Badrinath or Badrinarayan Temple. 

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