Real Story of Lord Jagannath Temple?

Real Story of Lord Jagannath Temple?

Jagannath Temple is one of the Char Dhams and this temple is present in the city of Puri in the state of Odisha, India. This temple is dedicated to Lord Jagannathan, Lord Balabhadra, and their sister Goddess Subhadra.  There are many surprising things related to this temple. Like the idols of this temple are made from the wood of neem tree, those who are changed after 8, 12, and 19 years.

Thousands of devotees come to this temple to worship and prasad is made for them. The special thing of Jagganath is that not a single grain of the prasad made here goes for nothing, nor does it ever fall short. The flag of the temple also flutters in the opposite direction of the wind. And this flag is changed daily.

And it is believed that this practice is going on for 1800 years. It is believed that if the flag of this temple is not changed even for a day, then this temple will be closed for 18 years.

History of Lord Jagannath Temple:

This temple was built in the 7th century and was broken 17 times by the Mughal invaders. In 1174, Ananga Bhima Deva III got this temple rebuilt again. It took 3 generations for the construction of this temple. So, this whole temple is surrounded by many unknown mysteries. 

Even today, the festival of Rath Yatra is held in the month of Ashhad in honor of these idols. Where the idols of these three are kept in different chariots and the journey is taken out. The chariot in which the idol of Lord Jagannath is kept is called Nandighosha. The chariot in which the idol of Lord Balabhadra is kept is called Taladhwaja. And the chariot in which the idol of Goddess Subhadra is kept is called Darpadalana.

This procession is brought from Dala Danda to Shri Gundicha Temple. It is believed that one week before the Rath Yatra, God is given rest and the temple is known to be closed during those seven days. Lakhs of devotees participate in this yatra and all get the good fortune of pulling these chariots.


The real story of Lord Jagannathan Temple:

According to the legend, there was a king named Indradyumna in Satya Yuga, who was a great devotee of Lord Vishnu. He was the king of Malwa at that time. One day, he had a vision of Lord Jagannath in his dream. Where, Lord Vishnu told him in a dream that there is an idol of me in a cave in Neelanchal mountain, it is called a NeelaMadhav. You get a temple built and get this idol of mine installed in it.

After which the king sent his soldiers towards Neelanchal mountain. But at that time the problem became severe because at that time, the people of Sabar Tribes used to worship Nilamadhav at that time. 

But the king had ordered his ministers to bring the idol, due to which the king’s servant stole the idol and gave it to the king. However, this was an improper act, due to which Lord Jagganath was also very sad. So he went back to his same cave. But he promised the king in his dream that he would definitely return to him one day. The day the king will build a huge temple for them.

■ Temple construction for Lord Jagannathan:

After that, the king got a huge temple built for Lord Jagannathan. On the same night, Lord Jagannath had asked the king in a dream to lift a large piece of wood into the sea, which was swimming towards Puri from Dwarka. Although the king’s servants had found that piece, but all together could not lift that piece.

Then the king understood that to lift these pieces, the help of Vishwavasu, the biggest devotee of Neelamadhav and the head of the Sabar clan, would have to be taken. At that time everyone was astonished when Vishwavasu alone carried that heavy wooden piece alone and brought it to the temple. 

■ Appearance of Lord Vishwakarma:

After which the craftsmen of the king started the work of making idols out of wood, but all of them could not make a single part of that wood. After which King Indradyumna prayed to Lord Jagannath. A few days after that, the skilled architect of the three worlds, Lord Vishwakarma came in the form of an old man and asked the king to make an idol.

But at the same time, a condition was placed with the king that he would make the idol in 21 days and no one would be allowed to his room until the structure got complete. However, the king accepted his condition. 

But one day suddenly the noises from the room stopped and the queen was very worried that the elder person might not have died. Therefore, when the queen asked the king to open the door of the room, the king got that door opened by his ministers. The old man was missing as soon as the room was opened. And 3 unfinished idols were found lying in that room. 

The hands and feet of all the three idols were incomplete, and Shubhadra’s hands and feet were not even made. After which the king felt very sorry, but Lord Jagannath asked the king in his dream to keep the three idols in the temple. After which, the king accepted these idols as God’s wish and installed them in the temple. Since then till today Shri Krishna, Balaram and Subhadra are seated in this form.

However, a story of the incompleteness of these idols is also prevalent. That God does not need their full incarnation to help human beings. 

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