Scientific Benefits of Wearing a Bindi or Kumkum?

Scientific Benefits of Wearing a Bindi or Kumkum?

In India, whether male or female, everyone wears Tilak or Mask on their forehead. This tradition gain popularity during the Pauranik period. Earlier, The Foru caste of Hindusim Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaishya, and Shudra apply different kinds of Tilak on their forehead. But do you really know the scientific reason behind this tradition?

The kumkum and Tilak are applied between the eyebrows. This is scientifically proven that the spot between the eyebrow is a major nerve point. And, Rishis of ancient India understand to be the seed of Ajna Chakra, the center of Intuition and intellect.

The entire body emits energy in the form of electromagnetic waves and worries causes heat which causes headache and leads to energy loss. So Turmeric, Charcol, Sandalwood, Kumkum, etc used these masks to cool the forehead, protect us and cool the forehead and prevent energy loss.
By applying Kumkum or Tilak in the middle eyebrow area, The power of Intuition can be increased. even the center of Intuition improves and opens up the concentration power.

By applying Kumkum or Tilak on the mid eyebrow area, the Ajna chakra automatically activated This is one of the examples of the scientific reason of Rich Indian Traditions.

How Kumkum or Bindi active Human’s Ajna Chakras:

Following there is a number of practices followed by our ancestors for maintaining our harmonious energy flow in all the Chakras. Harmonious energy flow in seven chakras makes mentally and physically fit and leads to ultimate life. After extensive research and development, we have to find the solution combining the ancient tradition to our modern living to help our better life.

The area between the eyebrows or the Sixth Chakra called the Ajna is located here. It is the seat of knowledge. According to Hinduism, when throughout the meditation the latent energy Kundalini rises from the bottom of the backbone to the head This Ajna is his probable outlet. So this bindi is supposed to hold the energy within the body and manage the various levels of concentration.

It is also a central point of the foundation of creation itself. The advantage of auspiciousness and good fortune religiously speaking Bindi wants to be representative of the mystical third eye. Therefore the central point is the base of creation. This represents the non-secular specials that Hindus manage to awaken through the Union of Yoga with God.

Even Red Dot signifies dignity and is a permanent reminder to stay God in the mind of a believer’s thoughts. It means the soul of the person has been refined and sees things through the eyes of God sees the divine in all beings
In India Bindi and Kumkum or Tilak is applied by Indian men and women on the center of the forehead by young girls and women. Now Bindi or Kumkum does not come in different colors but also in varied styles to suit the fashion sensibilities of ladies.
Indian culture wearing Bindi has a traditional value attached to it.

This is the reason why our ancient Guru and Children apply Tilak while study because they want to concentrate on their study and let the energy sit into their body.


The History behind the Bindi and Kumkum:

The word Bindi comes from the Sanskrit word Bindu, particle but in other states of India, it is also known as Kumkum, Sondoor, Tikli, Bhotu, Teep.
Bindi is worn by Indian women for religious purposes or indicates their marriage. But today Bindi has become too popular, even many western people are using it as a fashion statement. And Even young girls wear it in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

Even the Chinese also believe in these types of traditions, according to them midbrow is the mystic center of the Body. Even the soul enter enters to the body through this pass. by putting Tilak or Kumkum, human emphasizes it or activate it.

The Hindu scriptures like Vedas 500 years ago, describe the 7 chakras that concentrated energies in the body. The sixth Chakra is concentrated between the eyebrows, known as Third Eye.

We have two eyes to see the beautiful world around. Bu the third eye is meant to connect the soul in you. And this concept is used in meditation and Yoga. So, if we want to concentrate then we tend to concentrate on our particular area. Red color Bindi is also very auspicious in Hindu marriages. So when the bride goes to Husband’s house. Also, red bindi is meant to bring prosperity and Good luck to her. However, women wear different colors of Bindi, but red Bindi is associated with marriage.

Although, Red Bindi is different from Red Tikka which is applied in Temples as a blessing by the priest. This is a sign of blessing

When men wear different kinds of Tika or Tilak on their foreheads, they represent different kinds of sects of the Hindu religion.

Original Bindi or Kumkum vs Chemically produced Kumkum or Bindi:

The Bindi is available in the market like Liquid Bindi made out of Red lead Oxide mixed with Industrial oil or made from Cynaberite means mercury sulfate which is really hazardous and toxic in nature. and another kind of Bindi which has adhesion behind it is also harmful to skin and health.

We should apply Organic Bindi on our forehead because it cools the area of the Third Eye and connects to the pineal gland. It keeps us on a higher level of consciousness. So Kumkum keeps activating the nerve cell on our forehead.

How to make homa madee Kumkum:
By mixing Turmeric, Limestone and mix with Lemon juice and water.

Benefits of applying Tilak/ Bindi or Red Dot:

1.  Freedom from stress.
The bindi is placed in the center of the eyebrow where all the nerves meet. By applying a bindi at this place, the mind remains calm and away from stress.

2.  The problem of insomnia also goes away:
Applying bindi relieves stress, as stress is the biggest cause of insomnia. In such a situation, if you get relief from stress by applying a bindi, then the problem of insomnia also ends. 

3.  The nerves of the eyes become strong:
Bhindi is most effective in strengthening eyesight. Because when a bindi is applied between the eyes, the eyes have a deep connection with it. By applying bindi, there is pressure in that place, due to which they become strong.

4.  Relief from blood pressure:
The Ajna chakra is found at the place of the dot, which transmits energy in the body. Due to which blood pressure is also controlled to a great extent. 

5.  Strengthening of concentration power:
The powerful pressure of the dot on the forehead makes the mind calm, which increases concentration.

6.  It also helps to increase blood supply to the facial muscles.

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