Selection Process of USA President election?

Selection Process of USA President election?

The President of the United State of America is revered as the elected Head of State and Head of Government. Also, the executive branch is controlled by the President of America and he is also the Commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces. The President of America held a powerful position in the entire world because it regulates entire world power.

The election in the USA is based on the Direct and indirect Election method and only one person can be president twice in America.

The voting done by people in America is not actually directly done by the people. People are indirectly involved in the election process. In the USA, National Election including the Presidential election always held on Tuesday.

Qualification of USA President:

● A person’s age should be more than or equal to 35 years.

● Person Should be born in the USA. ( This is crucial for the Presidential race)

● Should be a resident of the USA for more than 14 years.

The parliament of the USA is called as USA congress and it has been divided into two categories:

1. House of Representative(Lower House) – which requires 435 candidates
2. Senate ( Upper House)                               –  which requires 100 candidates.

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The process of Presidential Election:

The process of Presidential Election has been divided into four subdivisions: 

1. Primaries and Caucuses

2. National Convention

3. General Election

4. Electoral College and Inauguration

Mainly, there are two major Political Parties in the USA, the Democratic Party, and the Republican Party. The Democratic Party follows the Liberal principle whereas the Republican Party follows the Conservative principle, also the Republican Party is known as the Grand Old Party (GOP) of America. 

Other than this, the Anti-Masonic Party, Green Party, Libertarian Party, and Reform Party also exist in the USA.

Primaries and Caucuses: These are methods to select a nominee or delegates from the Party by winning the support of the Party member. However, Delegates play an important key role as local representatives, elected by people, and further, they cast their votes for the Presidential nominee.

In the Primary election, voters and Party members elect their delegates via the secret ballot method. 

National Convention: It is a public gathering method, where all political parties delegates select their nominee for the Presidential race. In this convention, the Presidential nominee also announced his Vice presidential nominee, and after they start their campaign and endorsement for further support. 

General Election: On Tuesday of November, the General public held in America, where the general public cast their votes for selecting Electors in Electoral College. Further, those electors cast their votes to Presidential running candidates.

Also, if electors didn’t cast their vote for the person for whom they have pledged to vote are regarded as faithless voters and there are also laws against faithless voters in the USA by the Supreme court. 

Electoral College and Inauguration: In this method, electors cast their two votes for President and Vice-President in the month of December. Finally, depending upon the majority of 270 votes, counting has completed in the month of January by Congress of the USA. And on 20 January, the President of the USA has been announced.

Voting Process for Election and Terminology:

Majorly 2 types of practices are followed in the USA voting process. One is the Absentee ballot, which follows mail voting in case of the absence of people for any reason. Another is Mail-in-ballot, in which door-to-door voting will be supported.

Other than this, two terms are commonly used during Presidential Election is Caucuses and Primaries. Caucuses is an informal meeting for the party member where they select their delegates for the presidential race. The most important caucus is Iowa state. 

Whereas in Primaries state-held election nominates their delegates in the convention. Now, these delegates run for the further presidential ticket, where the running President selects his Vice-running President.

Republican Party and Democratic Party:

Republic Party, known as the Grand Old Party, was founded in 1854 on the basis of the Anti-slavery system. While the Democratic Party was founded in 1828, was named as Democratic-Republican Party. In the USA, States are generally divided into two color categories Blue state and Red State. The Blue state majority tends to vote for Democratic Party and the Red State majority tends to vote for the Republican Party.

■ In that, before becoming a President, the debates between the two of the running Presidents are telecasted on television. Battleground state/Purple state/Swing states like Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania are those states, tend to vote for the person winning the debate. And Bellwether states like Ohio tends to vote the winning delegate.

In case of a tie situation in the Presidential election for 270 seats, then the House of Representatives of Congress cast their vote for the winning situation. At the time, the Senate will select the vice-President.

In case the senate fails to select the Vice-President of America then according to the Presidential Succession Act of 1947. And, the Speaker of the House serves as the President of America until the deadlock has been resolved. 

Donald Trump and Joe Biden: 

Donald Trump related to Republican Party whereas Joe Biden related to the Democratic Party. Recently Donald Trump hosted an in-person rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma between the corona controversy, as it increased the number of cases. Trump even did not wear a face mask during his campaigning.

On the other side, Joe Biden supported the virtual endorsement and Television advertisement to connect people in Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona, and Wisconsin. 

Donald Trump always iterates to limit the foreign workers and students in the USA and promotes door-to-door campaigning. Whereas Joe Biden avoids these types of campaigning due to Corona. If we analyze the present situation of voting then Joe Biden is ahead of Donald Trump. We just can hope that America will get the best President. 

■ Now, I am adding my statement here because Joe Biden won the Presidential race of America and Kamla Harris became the Vice-president of the USA. However, the world has seen many ups and downs in the United States’ history. I just wish the best of luck to Joe Biden and hope he will contribute to the goodwill of the USA. 

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