Shabnam Murder case: first Indian women to be hanged?

Shabnam Murder case: first Indian women to be hanged?

Shabnam will be the first woman to be hanged in an independent India. The lady from Amroha, who has been sentenced to death by the District Court to the Supreme Court of India. Because Shabnam killed 7 people of her own family. After this incident, no family named his daughter Shabnam, far away from this village.  Because of the way this crime happened, it was reversed, and the way the investigation took place, all the reasons were enough to hang Shabnam.

This case was very special because there was neither any evidence nor any witness in this case. Due to this case, many changes were seen in India, in which people got angry and even police transfer. However, when this case happened, this case was suppressed even in a hurry, because there was an atmosphere of that time election.

Therefore, the government had announced to give Rs 5 lakh to Shabnam at that time, while the police have no consent in this. At that time, the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh was Mayawati and announced compensation due to the election.

Introduction of the Shubnam family and status:

This is the story of Bawankheri village of the Amroha area in ​​Uttar Pradesh, in which Shabnam’s family lived. Shabnam’s family was well educated and prosperous and his father was a school teacher. Shabnam had two brothers and all the family members lived together. She did her graduation with Double M.A. and she was a teacher in a school, also she was also very good at their studies.

Apart from this, Shabnam also used to help those children who needed money, overall she had a different status and she was only 24 years old.

After college, she started teaching children. During this time, a boy from the same Bawankheri village, named Salim, fell in love with him. There was a huge difference between Shabnam and her boyfriend. Where Shabnam belongs to a wealthy and educated family, the same Salim was 5th pass and did his small work.

After this, when the family members came to know about their relationship, they objected to it. . And gave their opinion against Shabnam and Salim’s marriage.

Meeting of Salim (Shabnam’s boyfriend) and murder of Shabnam’s family member:

But even after this, Shabnam and Salim had kept their love without caring for anyone and kept trying to convince the family. But family members did not convince.

At the same time, something happens on the night of 14 April 2008, which even today the people of Babankhedi and Amroha did not forget. On the night of 14 April, a neighbor calls the police and tells them that there are many dead bodies in his front house. As soon as the information is received, the police reached there from the station of Hasanpur and upon reaching there, the police are also devastated.

A house has 7 dead bodies, Shabnam’s parents, both brothers, one sister-in-law, one aunt, and one seven-month-old child. Above all, there were bruises, who were killed with an ax. And the police saw that Shabnam was crying on one side sitting in the corner. Because she was the only girl left in that family, so everyone had sympathy for her. After this, the police used to send all the bodies for postmortem.

At that time, the situation was not such that Shabnam should be questioned more, yet the police had inquired a little bit. In which Shabnam told that she was on the terrace, and then some people intruded from there and killed all the family members. When this thing spreads among people, people come out on the streets to express their anger, resentment against the government and the police.

After this, this information reaches Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Mayawati. Where Mayawati herself meets the family and declares to give 5 lakhs as compensation to Shabnam. Also, the Police SHO there is also transferred as punishment and another police officer is sent there for investigation.

Investigation of Police on this case:

Although the police were compelled at that time, she could not interrogate Shabnam more. Still, the police investigate the house, during this time the report of post mortem also comes, which changes the way the police investigates. In which it was clear that there was no sign of protest from the people who died. With this, it was evident in the report that the families were killed by poisoning.

However, the main gate of the house, the house of Shabnam, was neither broken nor opened. And when the neighbors came to the house, those people had said that the main gate of the house was closed. According to Shabnam, all the people who were murdered all came from the terrace. But the height of the terrace from the ground was 14 feet, which no one can climb without some help.

Apart from this, there was no such mark on the wall, so that it is known that someone has climbed the wall. On the contrary, the neighbors said that the terraced gate was also closed when they all came into the house. After which the police became suspicious. Because the cause of everyone’s death was poison and later everyone was killed with an ax.

The police started suspecting Shabnam. After which, he started checking her mobile phone. After which it was revealed that on the day this incident took place, Shabnam made 55 calls to Salim. 

Shabnam found guilty in this case:

During the investigation, Shabnam’s health also worsens. After which her check-up was done, where she used to get pregnant for 7 months. Meanwhile, in Lucknow, it is announced that Shabnam will be given 5 lakh rupees. After which the officer investigating the case had asked to stop the compensation and asked for an extension of 48 hours.

Police reached Salim and interrogate him, where Salim reveals that Shabnam’s family members were unhappy with their relationship, because of which both of them knew that they would not get married. After which Salim brought poison. And after dinner, the family members of Shabnam were given tea and poison was added to that tea. When everyone died, everyone was killed with an ax.

After this, Salim leaves the house and according to the plan, Shabnam shouts loudly. Hearing that the neighbors come to the house. After hearing all this, the police reach Shabnam where she is confronted with Salim. Where Shabnam confessed her crime. After which she says that the family members were opposed to her relationship and she was also pregnant for 7 months. 

The final decision of this case?

After this, the case went to court, and the court sentenced Salim and Shabnam to death. Both file their petition against this decision in Highcourt. And between that, Shabnam gives birth to a child in jail. And for seven years that child is allowed to live with Shabnam. Highcourt also upholds the decision of Shabnam and Salim’s death sentence.

After which both go to the Supreme Court, they get rejections from there too. Now Shabnam’s name will be written as the first woman of the country, who will be the first woman of independent India to be hanged.

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