Taxila University – World’s Oldest University of Bharat.

Taxila University – World’s Oldest University of Bharat.

The education system of Bharat has an important place to present India as a world Guru to the whole world. In ancient times, Bharat was the only country in the whole world, where people used to come from far and wide to get a good level of education. According to the legend, one of the oldest cultural centers of the world, Taxila was a famous site for the ancient university and artworks.

According to the reference in some mythological texts, Takshila was named after the name of Takshak i.e. Nag Deva, a snake in Hindus books.  

Even before 2000, this university was beautified with temples, monasteries, which were later turned into blocks by natural disasters and, invaders. There are also many statues of Hindus Gods, Buddha, and Bodhisattva, which many people come to see it.

Taxila is an important archaeological site in the Indian subcontinent located in a modern city with the same name in Punjab, Pakistan. Its center in the present is in the west of Rawalpindi, Pakistan. 

Origin of Taxila University: 

The oldest Takshila University in India was established in the 7th Cantonment. The reference of Taxila University is also found in the Hindu epic Ramayana, written by Rishi Valimi. According to the Ramayana, the city in which this university is located, this city was built by the son of Ram’s brother Bharat.

And he gave this region name Taksha. About 10,000 children of the world used to study at Taxila University and here more than 60 subjects were taught.

It used to teach more than 2000 teachers. According to ancient texts, in this university, many Rishis and masters of this university have built their own schools and ashrams here.

Taxila University was the largest center of Ayurveda. Going through history, when there was not even a tradition of medicine and modern science in the world, then Taxila Ayurveda became the biggest center of Medicine science hub.

■ According to some ancient books, the doctors or rishis of this university used to perform the operation of the human mind and inner parts of the human body very easily. This reference can be seen in various books like Bhaisajya Ratnavali and Vagbhata, who are the great surgeon of that time and they also wrote books about their experiments. 

Connection of Taxila university of which civilization:

There were Four civilizations present in the world named Mesopotamia civilization, Indus valley civilization and Chinese civilization, and Egyptian civilization. Where Indus valley civilization is the most ancient civilization in the world. When people started to locate in the group, which initiated colonization and Janpadas and MahaJanpadas formed. Indus valley civilization lasts from 330 to 1900 BC.

■  Gandhara was one of the same Mahajanapadas and its capital was Taxila. Also, Gandhara was the most important trade route at that time. The originality of Taxila as a city goes back to 1000 BCE. 

■  This university is maintained by the Achaemenid empire in the 6th century BCE, Mauryan empire, Indo-greek, Indo-Scythian, and Kushan empire periods. 

But, when this university came under the control of the Guptas empire. Kumar Gupta and Skandh Gupta supported the Guna people, the outsiders. And Gunas attacked this university and destroyed it. 

The education system of Taxila University:

Taxila university was built around 720 BC and this was the main learning center for knowledge. Many students from China, Babylon, Syria, Greece, and all around the world came here to study. Science, Medicine, Astrology, Arts, Politics, Economics and etc subjects had been taught in this university. 

The role of Taxila university as a center of knowledge continues under the Maurya empire and the Greek ruler in the 3rd and 2nd centuries BCE. However, there was no degree system in this university. 

For admission to this university, students had to complete their primary education till 8 years at home and then secondary education till twelve years in Ashrams. Then entrance exam held for admission to this university. 

The famous known personality of Takshila University:

In this university, a lot of popular personalities studied like Chanakya, Charaka, Rishi Panini and etc. Chanakya completed his study of Economics at this university, which is very popular at the present time.

Chanakya was an ancient Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, who write Arthashastra. Rishi Charak was the great Ayurvedic healer, who had studied at Taxila University and write a book name Charaka Samhita. The sage Panini was also a student of this university and ancient Sanskrit philologist, a grammarian, who had researched the Sanskrit Classical Grammer very deeply and write a book Astadhyayi. 

Students did not require to pay for fees, because the maintenance of the university was done by the Rich merchants and kings of India. Even many kings out of India also used to donate to this university. Taxila University was greatly influenced by Hinduism Culture and Sanskriti language, and the study of Vedas was mandatory in this university.

■■ However, the destruction of Toramana in the 5th century CE seems to have put an end to the activity of the university. Renowned archaeologist sir alexander Cunningham rediscovered the ruins of Taxila in the mid 19th century in 1980 and Taxila was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site. And, at present time, Taxila university is the top tourist destination in Pakistan. 

Taxila University is always compared with Nalanda University. However, both are contemporary but Taxila was the first and oldest one. The main difference between Nalanda University and Taxila University is that Taxila University was just for learning purposes and there was no Degree system.

■■ On the other hand, Nalanda University provides Degrees to their students. In Taxila, there was a limited subject choice for the students but Nalanda was prosperous with various types of subjects. But both universities were popular for their learning and knowledge and both gave great personalities to the world. 

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