The Story of Christmas Day – Birth of Jesus Christ.

The Story of Christmas Day – Birth of Jesus Christ.

The meaning of the Christmas festival is to sharing Love and care to others and make the world the most happiest place. When God destroys all the evils within us and when our actions present the presence of God in front of us. Christmas is celebrated all around the world as the birthday of Jesus Christ. The festival name Christmas is also derived from Jesus Christ’s name. 

However, we all celebrate this festival, but very few are aware of the celebration of this festival. Today we will listen to the mythological story of Christmas.

When Marry had a dream about Jesus Christ by an angel: 

About 2000 years ago, when the Roman king of Judea name Herod ruled a Jewish country name Nazareth, which is now a part of Israel’s country. There lived a Jewish girl in the same country, whose name was Marry. One night, something happened amazingly to Marry, She saw an angel named, Gabriel. Upon Marry’s asking, Angel introduces herself that God sent the angel to a young woman who lived in the northern city of Nazareth and her name is Marry.

Angel told Marry, that God is very proud of her, and she has chosen for great work. And, the angel told her that she will be blessed with a child, who will become the protagonist of the world. 

However, Marry was very scared at first but she trusted the angel completely. After, Marry said that she is not married yet so is it possible to be pregnant. Then the angel said that Yes, this is possible because this child will be the messenger of God. And Gabriel disappeared by saying this.

Marry left her home for Jesus: 

The next day, Marry told the whole narration to her family about the incident of the night. After hearing this, marry’s parents were very scared, because they know that Marry was not married yet. But, they believed that whatever will happen with Marium, will be good.

After Marry then said goodbye to her family and friends and went to meet her cousin Elizabeth and her husband. Elizabeth and her husband were very happy to see Marry Because they knew that God had chosen Marry to be the mother of God’s son.

Because the same angel had already told Elizabeth’s husband everything that Elizabeth would have a child and they would be chosen to welcome the child named Jesus. 

Marry lived for 3 months with Elizabeth and then after some time, she returned to her home in Nazareth. 

When Marry got to know that she was going to marry Joseph, then she expressed her situation to Joseph. However, Joseph was very worried when he came to know that Marry was expecting a child before marriage and And he was also thinking of breaking the marriage. 

But the same night, Joseph got a dream of an angel, who was advising Joseph to accept Marry as his wife. Because she is the mother of the child given by God. And also said that the child’s name will be called Jesus and he will work in the interest of the world.

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Joseph tied a knot with Marry: 

And when Joseph woke up he thought to follow the orders given by Angel. Later, Marry and Joseph have married and the city where Marry and Joseph lived was part of the Roman Empire.
At that time, the Roman king  Agustus announced a population registration process to ensure that everyone paid their taxes or not. 

He ordered people to return to their families. And said that all the people should register their names for the population. After which, Marry and Joseph set a distance of 70 millimeters from Nazareth on foot to Bethlehem. Because Joseph was a resident of Bethlehem. 

In that journey, some people were destitute who took the donkeys with them for loading essential things. But most of the people walked and completed their journey. After a week, Marry and Joseph reached Bethlehem. And Joseph was searching for a place to stay.

Birth of Jesus Christ in stable:

At that time, Joseph checked many shelter houses but all were full. But in the end, one person took pity on Marry’s condition and asked them to stay in a stable, as he too had no room left. 

As they left to stay in stable, then Marry signaled Joseph that She’s going to deliver her child. And the same night Marry’s child was born and gave thanks to Lord. Because they think that this is the Child of God.  Joseph had named the baby as told by Angel. 

According to some stories, that same night in a different part of Bethlehem, a group of shepherds was watching a flock of sheep goats.  Although some shepherds fell asleep. Those who were awake saw a strange light in the sky. Where an angel appeared, seeing the angel, the shepherds became very frightened.

He said to him that a child of God was born in Bethlehem, who will become the Messiah and king of the world and sent those shepherds to find Jesus. 
The shepherds then set out to find Jesus. After searching for some time, they finally reached the child.

Some mythologies on the birth of Jesus Christ: 

According to some Mythology, a new star appeared in the same night sky. From which people had speculated that an important person has come to this earth. Those people followed that star until it reached Bethalam. 

Everyone welcomed Jesus by gifting lots of presents and golds. This was the unique story of the birth of Jesus.

However, it is also known that Jesus also performed many miracles. People sent him to do good deeds on the earth to avoid sins. Christians celebrate this day like Christmas. Hope you all enjoyed this story of the birth of Jesus.]

The famous song of Christmas is: 

Jingle bells, jingle bells
Jingle all the way
Oh, what fun it is to ride
In a one-horse open sleigh.

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