What is Science of Paranormal Activities?

What is Science of Paranormal Activities?

Paranormal world, a world that is much different and quieter than our thinking. We have often heard many such stories in childhood, which become a world different from the human world. It is believed that such a world is related to the souls, who go into that world after the death of a human body.

However, all these things are outside the field of science, and they do not believe in all these things. But there are many such things in the universe, which are completely difficult to solve with scientific experimentation.

The paranormal world is considered by most people as different from the world of souls because they have more negative activities. There have been many such incidents in the world, which have been related to the paranormal world. Therefore, in order to know more about them, paranormal institutions have also been formed in many countries. Paranormal Society of India is the first Indian Paranormal investigation company that was founded by Gaurav Tiwari.

The reason behind Paranormal activities?

Often in life, we ​​must have heard the stories of ghosts and it must have come to the mind that all this is real or not. Mostly at night when it is alone, it seems as if someone is watching. This loop can be solved in two ways, First by Paranormal Investigator and second by Scientific Method. 

According to paranormal investigators, ghosts are the energy of dead humans, who live in this world even after death. According to experts, the energy of the same person remains on earth, whose desire has been left unfulfilled.

Even after death, the wishes of some humans remain incomplete, for which souls keep wandering here and there. And those souls do not get salvation until their work is completed. By which they often appear in those places, she is attached to them. 

The Hollywood movie name Annabelle and Exorcist is completely based on real-life incidents. Where Annabelle is the story of a doll in the life of Ed and Lorraine and Exorcist is based on a real incident that happened in 1949. Although, the present movie is exaggerated, which does not relate to any real incidents. Even the movie Exorcist had been banned during its time in theatre because lots of incidents took place after its launch. 

According to Paranormal Investigator, apart from a person, souls also come into non-living things. It is often seen that souls get more to see in the night. One reason for this is that electromagnetic disturbance is very low at this time. It is believed that the soul requires energy to live and electromagnetic devices such as mobile and TV weaken their energy. This disturbance is more during day time and low in the nighttime.  

However, science also determines the concept of the soul in their way. Like the Thermodynamics law of science explains that Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. The soul is also the form of energy, so should never be vanished from this universe. 

When a person died then his body converts from one form to another form. His body converts into the soil, and that soil gave nourishment to the plant and plants to provide food. Means energy is still in the universe but changes its form. 

Also, an experiment has been done in the laboratory to examine Soul really exists or not. A person’s weight has been marked before his death and when he died then his weight has been examined. This clearly shows that 21 grams has been reduced due to his death.

Although many refused these experiments, but many more experiments have been done for the same procedure on different people, which gave the same results. So it’s clear that souls also follow the principle of science but Modern science still denies it, because they do not have enough knowledge in this sector. 

Paranormal places in the world and India:

There are many places, where some suspicious activities have been recorded from time to time like:

● Château de Brissac, France

● Stanley Hotel, USA

● Tower of London

● St. Augustine Lighthouse, USA

● Hill of crosses, Lithuania

● Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India

● Agrasen ki Baoli, Delhi, India

● Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan, India

The above is an example of paranormal sources, where some activities can be recorded even today. These places belong to the historical world, where some souls still alive for the safety of their places. 

Devices used by Paranormal’s experts to capture energies?

Paranormal expert search presence of energy or soul by their devices which is known as Ghost hunting devices like Infra Thermometer, Digital Voice Recorder, EMF Sensor, Night Vision Camera, and etc. They use these devices to feel the presence of energies and many incidents have been captured by them also. However, these things are dangerous for normal human beings, because it is said that if someone disturbs these energies, they get violent and harm that particular person. 

Indian Paranormal Society founder Gaurab Tiwari also died in a confidential situation, but he shared some statements before his death that there were some energies that were disturbing him for some time. 

When these incidents took place then the person lost his memories or went into Coma due to socking. Many people also get confused between ghosts and Paranormal activities. Ghost is something to be believed with the body, which is generally can be listening in stories. But Paranormal activities are different from Ghosts because they can possess anything whether it is living or non-living. People have never seen Ghosts in a proper form but paranormal activities can be felt anywhere. 

It is also believed that where humans are not present or places that use to deserted, these energies especially found there. Even, every religion believed in the concept of the Soul and the formation of the Body. In fact, in Hinduism, the concept of Soul is described broadly. Some may deny the fact of these energies but they can’t prove their explanation because this universe has two worlds, the first one, where the human lives, and the second one, where these energies live. 

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