WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021 explained

WhatsApp new privacy policy 2021 explained

A new controversy has arisen around the world regarding the new privacy policy of WhatsApp 2021. As soon as WhatsApp started sending Push notifications on this application to its users regarding the new privacy policy, there was an atmosphere of warmth in the people. Because, when WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, then it promised to keep users’ privacy and security safe. However, in the meantime, the Government of India also expressed its concern over the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. After which WhatsApp gave its users time till 8 February and then 15 May.

And, on 18th May, the Ministry of electronic and IT has sent a notice to WhatsApp to withdraw the controversial update to its Privacy Policy. And, this case went to Delhi High court on the demand of stoping Notification send by Whstapp to its users. Also, the central government blamed Whatsapp for implementing different privacy policies between India and the European Union. As European countries have their strong Data protection law known as The General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679. 

Basic Information of WhatsApp:

Whatsapp was possessed by Facebook in 2014 in 19 Billion Dollars, and it was providing free services to its users till now. But the sudden decision to change its Privacy Policy, create massive panic among its users. Now Whatsapp is sending the Push notification to users to accept its Terms and Condition and Privacy Policy. Although, Whatsapp cleared its statements to its user for End-to-End encryption, where a message can be read by its sender and receivers only. Here Signal company plays a huge role to convert that message into code language. 

However, whenever we talk about data privacy or data security, then it does not only belongs to one application. In today’s time, people are using multiple services and applications, and every application has a different privacy policy. So it’s obvious, we cant protect our sensitive data from these companies now.  

The parents’ company of Whatsapp Facebook and Instagram uses every single data of its users and shows them ads according to their preferences. Even the messages and media files we used in these platforms are not end-to-end encrypted.  When Facebook bought Whatsapp in 2014, and lots of data were transmitted to its parents’ company unofficially. 

Information WhatsApp collects from its users:

  • Account Information: Users have to provide their mobile phone number and basic information like Whatsapp’s Profile name for creating their account. In case of not providing this information, people won’t be able to create their accounts on Whatsapp. 

  • User’s Messages: Although, Whstapp clearly mentions not to possess users’ private chats and messages, and they will be end-to-end encrypted. But Whatsapp further mentions accessing Business Accounts Chats, messages, and every detailed information. Which raised a deep concern over the security of Businesses and their privacy. Because people share every single informative information on their business accounts like their Account name and password and their business strategy. Which can be further mishandled by anyone. 
  • In case of undelivered messages, they will be also encrypted until the receivers did not receive them within 30 days.

  • Apart from this information, Whatsapp can access users’ connections, status Information, Transactions and Payments Data, Device Information, and Location Information. 

Third-Party Services accession: 

  • According to the Whatsapp’s Privacy Policy page, it mentions they will not use our sensitive information with any Third-party Organization excluding Facebook. But, when we suffer on its privacy Policy page then we noticed a hyperlinked name “here”. Which shows the details of information access by Whatsapp. It can access users’ App version, Browser information, mobile network, Connection information (including phone number), Mobile operator or ISP, Language and Time zone, IP address, Device operators information and Identification. 

  • Whatsapp work with outsider specialist co-ops and other Facebook Companies to help us work, give, improve, comprehend, modify, backing, and market our Services. 

  • On this point, Whstapp clearly mentions that if users use its Third-Party services like Facebook and another platform then they can receive our information for further uses. 

  • Although Whatsapp will show any ads on its platform, it will access the taste of users accordingly and then show its ads on Facebook. 

  • Improving foundation and conveyance frameworks and seeing how our Services or theirs are utilized.

Today we have become slaves of these big tech companies, due to which they are capable of spoiling any country or its sovereignty. The case regarding Whstapp Privacy Policy is in Indian Court now, but Whatsapp clearly said that if people will not accept its new privacy policy. Then it will delete their account or people will not receive any messages, calls, and any other features of Whatsapp. 

The name of many more applications like Signal and Telegram came in the dispute between the privacy policy of WhatsApp. The signal is also a co-working company for WhatsApp, which converts messages into coding formation. While Telegram is a Russian-based messaging application. But, the shocking point is here that Telegram is not protected and encrypted by default. Many illegal operations are done by Telegram, where people can track anything on this platform. 

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