World War I : Reason and Consequences of this war?

World War I : Reason and Consequences of this war?

World War, which began on 28 July 1914 and ended on 11 November 1918, also known by the name of Great War and Global War. Because it was the most terrible war in the history of that time. And at that time, nobody had any idea that a terrible war like this could happen again for 100 years. But when World War II  took place, it was named World War I.

In this war, 37 countries of the world participated just to support another country. It is said that more than 11 million combatants and 6 million civilians participated in this war, in which more than 1.7 million people lost their lives and 20 million people were injured.

At that time, different books and media also had glorified War in a different manner, that without war a country can never be great. By which, the feeling of nationalists sacrification have been started in people and they were ready to capture another country.

Reason for starting World War I:

Although there are several reasons for the outbreak of this war, two of them are prominent. The first one is related to the death of Price of Austria-Hungry and the second reason related to exploring the Powers.

1. Death of Austrian Prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand:

Prince of Austria, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, who was to become King of there, and his wife Sophie were killed by a Bosnian Serb nationalist during the visit to the Bosnian capital of Sarajevo in June 1914. In whose assassination, the “Black Hand Organization” was also involved.

After which Austria turned the spark of hostility into a war for Serbia. This is known as the major reason for the outbreaking of World War I.

After this incident, Austria-Hungry gave an ultimatum to Serbia for surrender. Then Serbia seeks help from Russia because of having Slavic Serbia people in Russia. After which, Austria- Hungry went to Germany, where Germany gave them A-H Empire and announced a war on Serbia.

So Russia declared war on Germany as well as France declared war on Germany. After, Germany made a plan to defeat first France by the path of  Belgium. 

2. Glory of Power in form of Militarism, Alliance system, Imperialism, and Nationalism:

During World War I, every country lace with powerful weapons like Army race, Machine guns, Tanks. Also, trading routes by sea area were easy to interact with other countries, where countries started to use large and new naval ships. Also, every country had a large and powerful army.

In which, Britain and Germany’s industrial complexes were fast forward, where they used their tactics for military purposes and also supplied their weapons to many countries.

However, due to this militarism, a concept was born in all countries that no other country can beat them.

Separate alliances were done to maintain power in the 19th century in Europe and some secret treaties were signed also. In that alliance, the Triple alliance was very famous, which was done between Germany Austria Hungary, and Italy in 1882. And, Triple Entente was done between France, Britain, and Russia in 1907.

Under the influence of the Imperialism system, every European country wanted to maintain their colonies in Africa. So, they tried to copy the British Model, which was very successful at that time to maintain a colony.

In the 19th century, patriotism began to speak in the head of the people. So countries like Germany, Italy, and the Baltic state started to expand their land because people believe in the Glory of War.

Groups to participate in World War I: 

There were two major groups in world war I, which were divided into Allied Power and Central Powers. However, the reason for this war the conflict between Serbia and Austria-Hungry.

Allied Power has Russia, France, and Britain. In this war, Germany attacked the Lusitania ship of England. This ship had 1153 people, of which 128 people were American after which, America also joined this war in 1917. Japan also joined this war after having a treaty with Britain.

Central Power has Astro-Hungary, Germany, the Ottoman Empire (Turkey), and Bulgaria.

Why this war is popular as the Great war?

In this war, Britain attacked African colonies of Germany name Tongo, Tanzania, Cameroon. Even, Japan attacked Micronesia and the Chinese colonies of Germany. At that time, Japan became part of this war because of the signing of a treaty with Britain. Ottoman ships bombard black seaports of Russia in the Black sea.

Also, Allied forces like Australia and Newzealand started the Gallipoli campaign. Germany and Britain attack allied ships in the pacific ocean and Atlantic ocean. Ottoman empire attack Russia tries to capture the Suez canal. 

At that time Russia also took an interest in the straits of Dardanelles. Because that was the only route to connect straits to the sea trade route. In which Ottoman empire also took an interest and attack Russia. 

The consequences of World War I: 

This was the greatest war of that time, where approx 1.7 million people lost their lives. After this war, Germany, Austro-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire had a very bad defeat, which results in to scatter of these countries. Germany was the biggest loser in this war. After this war, the counting of males in Germany reduced considerably.

In this war, Britain’s people also saved the life of an injured German name Adolf Hitler who later became the dictator of Germany, and also become the reason for World War II.

In this war, over 1.3 million Indians served under the British army. Soldiers adopted the technique of trenches to support the war but it left no effect, even it caused even casualties. Because soldiers had to spend their life in those trenches and if they tried to come over from them, they would be shoot. 

This war was just revenge on Serbia by Austria-hungry, where all countries have to interfere because of showing their support to another country. We can just learn that no war is the solution to any conflict, it can just cause a casualty. 

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